For Floorings and Coverings Vintage-Inspired This Fall

Hydraulic tiles have become to our lives to stay and will continue to be a trend in the coming seasons. Reviewing the past trends in wall and floor ceramic tiles for autumn, We find ourselves with a retrospective of the traditional styles that allow you to create very adorable vintage-inspired compositions.
There are a variety of formats, colors and motifs in the ceramic collections that take us to the past and they can also be used on walls or floors throughout the House, to create unique and very different interiors. For example, they can be used only in a room with the intention of turning it into the neuralgic point of the House.

Returning with the trends of autumn, the ceramic Collections bring between their designs for next season wall and floor tiles that are inspired by the floral motifs of ancient hydraulic parts. It is classic ceramic decoration, but it is renovated to adapt to the latest interior design proposals. In addition there is always the option of combine these pieces with smooth tile in the same tones, to create retro environments but contemporary aesthetics.

Ceramic tiles that recall ancient designs are ideal to incorporate them in the common rooms, such as the kitchen that can be used to create distinct areas at the time that confers. You can create a kind of carpet to the floor in the area where the table is located, and combine them with parts of the same series without decoration.

Floor and wall tiles They also acquire a leading role in the bathroom, a stay every time we decorate more carefully. As a whole we can include classical accessories for a purely retro result or contrast with other minimalist having as a result a balance of contrasts of style space.

It is true that it is difficult to decide to replace floors and walls with the work involved… But who are now at work, on the verge of brand new housing, and that soon you are going to go with a serious reform, are timely incorporate floor and wall with so much personality and so much charm as the photo of this article, in the long run so much beauty always outweighs.