Floral Art, Gym Bags and Plauen Lace – International Design Fair Leipzig

Designers’ open from 2015 – fair in Leipzig

How prepare you actually as a visitor or blogger on a such large event? With calm, serenity and confidence on the gut.

Because there was so much to see at the fair of Leipzig and the designers’ open 2015! You had wished for probably a two-week event, all pleasurably discover, explore and explore.

A weekend and over 30 stunning spots, which are all at the same time invited to art, culture and design. And we would like all of them visited the colorful Studios, the many creative and artist, who put so much passion into their exhibitions, dedicated them to our ears and our camera.

This was also the great thing about our Blogger tandem project, in which we Leipzig could invite a guest. The choice was quickly on my dear colleague Franka by ladies & gents. What a way to stand at last time to for a long time contact via the Internet. To marvel, to laugh, to enjoy together.

So have we and all the other bloggers, found a great way to turn the event into our personal highlight and prepare it for you. What great people took part also in the Blogger project from Kiss & tell, you can see below.

A world made of lace

The buyable to visit was like a cheerful gossip among old friends. I know Manja and Andreas through joint projects for a few months, Franka had also been contact with both of them for their blog. The two are so warm and sympathetic, that they were in our list.

The Salon at the Leipzig South suburb, which is usually retro dresses sold, was of the two for the designers’ open turned into a landscape of Plauen lace. Andreas works in one of the few companies, the “fashion tip Plauen”, which produce up to today the original Plauen lace.

Already, at the end of the 19th century invented the Mystify tulle lace in Plauen. Today is this product all over the world for German precision and quality. Manja and Andreas told us that still few, larger pieces of lace by hand be used together and the former production techniques are very similar to today’s.

How diverse is the world of the top, and that it is not “only” from Tablecloths and underwear, you could find out at this spot. Various artists were presented, which use the traditional product for their work.

When a non-alcoholic beer shower Plauener let us explain that the company fashion tip’d GOTS certified products on the market. These materials are made from clean natural fibers and are subject to social and ethical criteria. So, the desire for organic quality has reached even the fashion industry.

A nice conclusion of the fair from the sharp angle and you can find here.

The poetry of flowers

Tina Altus sat happily outside herMAN’s fashion boutique, when we arrived, to devote ourselves to their Flowering. Your idea is so simple and brilliant at the same time.

She manages with its works of art, to capture the beauty and transience of nature on paper. Many brides are aimed at them, to hold their bouquets as memories. The artist under the name produces numerous free work flora metaphorica from the treasure-house of nature.

She has developed a technique to dry flowers, so that they their colors keep. Each flower is applied individually on the ground with a pair of tweezers. And the longer one looks at the works of art, you can explore more on it.

Small turtles and sweet jellyfish are cavorting in their “underwater world”, on their “power of summer” are small birds to recognize cheerful butterflies and painterly-looking flower dreams. Tina Althus creates habitats, sky worlds, where it is actually a while to lose.

Coffee from Ethiopia

A small break for body and mind was the right after our arrival in the Messe Leipzig glass Hall. How convenient that the Ladies von Kiss & tell Brühbar in the Blogger Lounge had invited the Leipzig to spoil us with freshly ground coffee.

And already the preparation was an experience in itself for us. Far from automatic coffee machines and plastic pads the hot beverage with a dwelling was prepared by us.

A coffee syphon consists of two vessels, where it heated the water in one, in the other, the coffee is brewed. The whole thing is based on the benefits of a vacuum.

The elaborate production worth. We have not probably both enjoyed long such a pleasant, aromatic and sweet coffee. I can recommend it only in the Brühbar to drop.

The sports equipment to the handbag

Fortified it could go on to a very special form of Upyclings. The label circuit training exercise, climbing nets, trampoline fabrics are there already since 2007. old – everything that the sports world has to offer, is brought to new life with circuit training.

Because before the worn-out sports paraphernalia on the waste land, makes “turn dad Bernd Dörr”, as he himself humorously durable refers to, this and extremely functional companions. It arise as handbags, backpacks or large sports bags, due to its patina of a long life story.

The range of products ranges from iPhone covers about ladies handbags to wallets and and shopping bags. The models of circuit training have also naturally classic names such as “Boom”, “Bock”, “Tumble”, or “Cobblestone”.

I think it’s wonderful that there are more and more such labels who specialize in sustainability and manufacture their products made from materials that are otherwise sorted out. A great example of how it can work!

Delicate jewelry for little magpies

Jessica Gerber is a young artist from Weimar. It produces lovingly crafted very delicate and feminine jewelry.

The goldsmith and Illustrator has his own Studio in the Thuringian city of dreamy (my home – Oh how nice!), in which she their creative work under the name of town Elster devotes.

Jessica produces smaller collections but also unique pieces, if you time a special jewelry item about the way tumbles.

While we were chatting at her stand with her, several rapt ladies came and let go over the one or other piece of jewelry in their property. Especially we liked, for example, the French Shape Collection, which boasts delicate pastel tones.

Franka and I are fortunate to have won city magpie as a cooperation partner . So we will devote soon a more detailed post Jessica and her jewelry, where also for you a nice surprise it will be!

Often times look left and right

We March always in our homemade tunnels through the world, without having to look at left and right. At such events you will briefly poked to the page to see what has the world of still beautiful to offer .

So, for example, the works of Tina Althus showed me, the nature on a smaller scale but is how artfully, and how simple little treasures at any time in everyday life can be found. Often just dangle the soul and thoughts bubbling can be, it would do us good all.

About 16,500 people were ultimately for the designer ‘ open on the road. Maybe feels so one or the other of that same as I? And this is my own personal conclusion the designers’ open 2015.