Feminine Fashion with Retro Charm – Interview with Designer Simone Franze Vive Maria

Girly, feminine, love of detail and often with retro hints. So describes designer Simone Franze her fashion.

Vive Maria label already exists since 1997. So has experienced many changes, change of direction and styles over the years. A diverse brand was created from a former label for lingerie. Simone Franze had hardly even expected their clothes once would be as successful.

Magical details like delicate ruffles, sweet bows, seductive lace or fancy cuts make Vive Maria label a very feminine. The pieces are often slightly wicked, seductive, nostalgic, timeless and elegant.

About the background of their special Vive Maria designs and style theme I have Simone Franze questioned.

A look behind the scenes of Vive Maria

Since 1997, there are already Vive Maria. How much did that
Brand over the years changing and evolving?

The collections are much larger and more extensive, by day and night clothes through homewear, dresses, tops and jackets. The style is grown and become female. We also have many Alloverdrucke that we ourselves design.

Have you dreamed of in establishing ever friends, your label would be once so successful? What you had at that time for goals, and could you achieve all these?

I never expected this large and long-lasting success! My objective was at that time (and still today actually) once in the life of a designer, really just to make a even like and to have fun while working, which is unfortunately rather rare as a hired Designer in the garment industry. I love my job and earn some money!

How large is your team behind Vive Maria?

The design team in Berlin consists of two people, from me and my staff. My sales and production company Nastrovje Potsdam in Villingen-Schwenningen consists of about 20 people, and then there is of course still the textile factory in Istanbul with their employees.

The question of style

What makes a good style for you? Is it difficult this today,
still on the road?

The style of a person should vary not only according to the trends, but fit to the person, her figure and her age ! I think there are people with great style, in Berlin on the street less than in other European cities.

How did you actually find your own look as a designer?
Can you give tips for ladies, who still looking for her
are personal style?

I find this difficult, one can not construct so slightly also. You should like yourself and just have fun to dress, what to try and especially should you feel at the chosen look!

Your fashion is very playful and feminine, but also often color fairly dark touch. How comes that?

Actually that holds the balance in the collection, there are always colorful prints, but also much black. It is timeless, sexy and sells mostly better than colored.

Your brand was originally intended as a clothes label. How did that
Impulse to want to extend the range? Which of these garments designing you now am particularly fond?

Because I loved also always dresses in the Lingerielook, you were fast and are also very popular. Because a collection must grow, there were over time increasingly D.O.B. parts. I however prefer design linen and clothes!

Life as a designer

What are the biggest challenges as a designer for you?

Because you not reinventing the wheel, it is important always to combine again old withnew to implement trends to develop a beautiful, portable and salable collection!

And the most beautiful experiences? In life, or in the job?

Since there are so many… Based on the job: of course as I have found that is my first collection just super sold at the fair, which I had not envisaged.

What ladies do you have when you design your fashion in mind? Who do you reach with your clothes?

A woman who likes showing her femininity , no matter what age.

Do you have a tip, as one of the many work really nice
can turn off?

Much to the nature and the sea , time with friends spend, short weekend trips to beautiful places and make in this Spa Hotel and yoga.

And finally: I’m happy that…

my family and I are healthy, and that I now so good luck
had in my life and my profession.

Thank you, Simone Franze, for the glimpse into your big label. I wish you continued creativity, power and long the way to live your dream!

Fashion Tip: what do I wear under this delicate fabrics?

The fabrics are what I cherish on the clothing of Vive Maria. The dresses are very easy on your skin and feel soft and comfortable.

I’m most comfortable when I wear something under such lightweight materials, that in addition something based and laminated the underwear. Knows what Lady not a problem, that you lot thick seams of tights, for example, on the stomach, through the clothes shine through.

This, I’ve now discovered ITEM m6. The pantyhose is made very high quality and has a pleasant shaping effect. She wears like a second skin, without, that I feel sandwiched.

Admittedly, the pieces are a small investment.

But I would not add up what I regularly give out for bad pantyhose, because I constantly collect ladders. It is often on the details . A beautiful accomplishment of this classic outfits.