Fashion Style, Femininity & Vintage Flair – 10 Questions for Mademoiselle Tambour

“The fashion is unfashionable, style never”-Coco Chanel. A statement that the Monika Tambour front has, if they for Mademoiselle drum* clothing designs. Their pieces are timeless, feminine, elegant and even playful.

For a photo shoot, I wore some of her dresses even recently and was very pleased with their pleasant comfort, female cutting and high quality. I asked 10 questions Monika. On the subject of style, the meaning of fashion, her love of clothes and a look behind the scenes of the Cologne-based label*. Have fun reading!

Perhaps one or the other still not discovered this “secret” of you?

10 questions for Mademoiselle Tambour

Dear Monika, what does style mean to you?

In terms of style, I share the view of Coco Chanel. For me, fashion is an form of expression of the personality, mood and the various facets, having the human. Style survived short-lived trends and goes so much deeper than what the big corporations try to sell.

How would you describe the style of your own fashion?

Classic feminine, with sporty elegance, inspired by the style of bygone eras. I leave like inspired by classic cut, would like to but show an own handwriting and make fashion for the woman of today .
I’m trying to stay open for page way within my collections and not only safe way to go.

Surprises and unusual details or color combinations are the salt in the soup – the certain eye appointments must be for me always.

Mademoiselle special are the people who wear our fashion drum: from the vintage – loving lady up to the woman who later discovered dresses and feminine style, is the wide range of the modern Lady.

Another feature is that our fashion meets not only stylistic demands, but also practical: out of suit jackets and cocktail dresses, you can wash in the washing machine and the models extremely durable thanks to our high-quality fabrics. I think nothing of quick trends – it of me about style, personality and sustainability.

I’m always seeing pieces from the collections, the 4.5 or even 7 years old and still carried.

How long do you work on the creation of a collection until the finished dresses for sale?

We produce two collections per year at Mademoiselle Tambour.

All phases make us great joy, but there are two steps that prepare me personally always the most goose bumps: when I see a test model for the first time at the tailors bust, so if from the two-dimensional drawing was something three-dimensional. This is always still enormously exciting with much experience.

The second goose bumps moment occurs when the new collection was first taken by the customer in the business look at and will be tried on. I love to see our customers and listen to the comments. For me these are small fittings, where I can see whether the fit is perfectly managed for different figure types.

Many fittings, prototypes, changes, ruminations, interface creation, sewing the colour variants, etc. have to do photo shoots, lie between the two described moments! But each phase has its own charm, and when we finish a phase, we look forward to the next.

You’re designing mainly feminine pieces like dresses. Why, what are clothes for you?

I love simple dresses! A dress is a complete outfit from just a piece of clothing and always a statement. Our dresses are rich in detail and it is a challenge to bring design, fit and processing technique together. I – the foraging fiddle around until it is perfect like that.

In addition to my own enthusiasm for dresses, I think also that a dress or even a rock/top Combi the female figure most flatters. Problem areas can easily conceal themselves and really nice scene to curves.

A good outfit puts a smile on the face of the wearer and make it yourself think “Wow!” rather than wrangle with the small Unperfektheiten itself. Fashion should be done for people and not vice versa! By the way: In the coming collection, there are finally again a pair of pants! A great, Classic women’s pants.

What are the most beautiful compliments of your customers for you?

I get a lot of positive feedback, which is really great! The most I am when an insecure woman who had to consider first long, later comes and tells that it is feels wonderfully and above all safe and also many compliments received.

Fashion is so much more than just “to be attracted”! With fashion we pronounce without words, who we are! If I can help to find the right expression, I’m happy.

What colours and patterns can you just not tired of seeing you?

I’m fascinated by the colors and patterns of the 40s, 50s years, polka dots or classic floral motifs. But also graphic print and digital prints really inspire me. I always try to mix classic color combinations with targeted breaks.

Could you imagine to make men’s clothes in your repertoire?

Until 2009, there were even man shirts and pants for me. But I just noticed that women much more open can and like to try. I can imagine principle to design Men’s Issues, but dresses will remain my great love.

What do you spend time privately, just really to turn off from the topic of “Fashion”?

I disconnected to the loved one in nature with extensive hiking tours, camping and traveling. Typically, these travels also cause flea markets, where I again find dresses, which are allowed in my private collection.

I’m happy that…

… I myself have dared to go my own way and I have people in my area who help me.