Etch a Sketch, a Touch Cover Vintage for Your IPad

Who had no small a? Etch a sketch At home? We are sure that there are many who remember with charm and affection their first “ tablet ”, a tool with which to draw almost magical way, when you’re a child clear.

Tried to remember that time, Headcase has launched a sleeve that mimics the invention to the extent of the possible born in 1959 and popularized in the era of the 60s in the United States. The case has all the details of the original model, but also has small legs, similar to the of keyboards, to lift the iPad and use it in a more comfortable keyboard.

Remember also, that counts with a free app in the App Store that turns your iPad into a real etch a sketch of the era, with its same running rough and difficult to do something fairly artistic. The case is priced at $39 around 31 euros approximately.