Courage to Paint Ι a Romantic Coffee House Visit with Emmy Design

My dearest companion this fall has the color mustard yellow! A magical piece of Emmy Design, whose color I myself still do not approach would have dared until recently.

One of my favorite pastimes: drinking coffee and reading a good book. My coffee house visit in Emmy design look I was accompanied by the beautiful Sophia Molek. A really cute and very creative photographer Leipzig. I love the atmosphere in her pictures. You can find more of her beautiful work here.

But the color is not me yet?

I have often said that I still at all not wearing the fashion, which would suit me now every day, about three years ago. So I felt in feminine clothes uncomfortable, wanted to not overly stress my body and certainly not bright colors wear to draw unnecessary attention to myself. My own look I had not found, and so I was incredibly insecure in my appearance.

I wrote down how my opinion has changed, in one of my first Blog contributors “Ode to the Retro fashion”. (This post is two years old, so forgive the somewhat different image quality please.)

Developing my style and my fashion interests, I am more and more in the course of time jumped over my shadow and thus began to feel ever more comfortable. I was wearing more clothes, emphasized my waist who began to create more elaborate hairstyles and makeup looks that now accompany me through my everyday life.

Wear what you love!

This fall, I’ve made a small step forward again for me. Because I got me a color married, which I so far still did not have in the wardrobe, and that would not fit also I feel after me: mustard yellow. Or rather – yellow in all variations. I’m blond, have fair skin and am – my previous judgment, – not the best guy to wear yellow clothing.

At my Herbstshooting with gracy Q am I hatched the first time in a Golden dress and in it I felt contented.

“Who is curvy, should bear no marks, who has short legs, no 3/4 Pants, stand and who is blonde, should just wear any yellow tones.” Subconsciously, we have this alleged expert tips in mind. I can only say what you wear and how you wear it is always left you, and only you.

I am my appearance after a “winter type”. Blue eyes, light skin and blonde hair look quite wonderful with cool tones such as white, light blue, mint. Only I have barely a pale blue piece in the wardrobe – this color is just not my personal favorite.

I wear as well as just warm colors. Quite simply because I love it! Especially Bordeaux is increasingly found in my wardrobe, because I I feel as comfortable and elegant tone. You’re feeling in a garment, you see it.

And a raised head with a self-conscious smile make perfect whether you’re an alleged summer, autumn, or winter type outfit.

If you feel like to look a bit, these colors like yellows paler you are wearing on a bold red lipstick to – I love Yes the 24 h pins by Maybelline* very – still a little Rouge, and already you are go in your favorite fashion.

My favorite piece for fall: The mustard-yellow Cardigan by Emmy design

Emmy design is a very romantic playful brand from Sweden. I find it wonderful that respects the label on it, beautiful fashion to design for all body shapes and sizes . Every woman should feel feminine and well dressed.

The brand pays attention to high quality fashion and campaigned against mass production and fast fashion. So, great value on good materials is placed and accepted that customers receive high-quality clothing and it is really worth every cent.

Of course, Emmy produced also many beautiful summer dresses, blouses and skirts. But especially I love the fall-winter collections the Swedish brand. Each piece is timeless, inspired by the 40’s and 50’s, keep warm, and is at the same time always fabulous to look at. It is not always so easy, feminine retro clothes for autumn and winter to find.

Wife wants to be is female, but dressed but also nice and warm. That’s why treasure ICH the cardigans and pants by Emmy design especially. They are cuddly and warm, all have a slightly romantic retro touch, hug the body shape and make really great companion through the colder days.

You can see look how beautiful Cardigan and trousers by Emmy design combined, here on our images. I wear this Cardigan currently almost every day, because he fits with many of my clothes, which are colour rather subdued, and he is just so beautifully autumnal .

And let’s face it, the mustard yellow is not simply stunning?

Romantic autumn looks with Emmy design

Of course, there are these sweaters in many other great colors. In a beautiful Burgundy, deep dark Navy Blau or autumn cinnamon clay. I find it cute (how should it be otherwise?) this one, the “Purrfect” Cardigan, on the fun little kitten purr over the neckline.

The possibilities are so numerous that you have very diverse combine can do. So I’m wearing the pants very much in conjunction with a simple striped shirt. Or what do you think of it: the Cardigan is connected with one of my (as already mentioned) favorite colors – Bordeaux? A playful rock to the Cardigan, and already feels attracted to woman.

If you have a highlight in his outfit , which is perhaps also a little high-quality than the other, you can conjure up all around great combinations with simple pieces. To do this, the Emmy are suitable pieces really.

What is …und it actually for a beautiful location?

It is one of my favorite places in Leipzig! I wanted to be our shooting dreamy and love of detail , so the choice was not very hard. The Café Maître is probably one of the most popular Cafés in the city. A nice recommendation if you should even come into my vintage Leipzig.

The French flair, the playful Art Nouveau furnishings and the subsequent confectionery give a feeling of pure comfort Café. Here every table is continuously busy on the weekends, especially the brunch is very popular. I have explained why, Cafés are not just places of sale of caffeine but true Enjoyment Temple , in my contribution to the Viennese coffee house.

These moments of conviviality, the fading of everyday life at the door , and the idyllic atmosphere inside a coffee house are just gorgeous.

Since 1904 , this romantic Cafe located on the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße in Leipzig City Centre. And even today it is still so popular, that a Cozy afternoon coffee in the Maître during your next visit to Leipzig will certainly enchant you.

So I find are and Emmy design Café Maître yet connect very sweet, isn’t it? And, what color will your next piece of clothing?