Combine Your Retro Look With Kitty-Type Glasses

That old story: vintage or retro? The effect is practically the same: clothes and accessories like sunglasses take on a nostalgic air in ways that we know does not know from where. But in fact, there is a difference: vintage is that piece that imitates the original, while retro renews, remakes, rebuilds, that is, is the application of the “re” s that matters.

In the end result, a repagination always brings the union of a pre-existing idea with a personal touch today. With so much creativity, why only imitate? If you think that a look can be made up of many pieces, you can already get an idea of ​​the creative space that a composition with high waist round skirts offers. Not to mention the accessories. The glasses do not have to be sunny because everyone knows: grade glasses can also be fashion and the kitty style brings back the liberation of the woman of the 1950s, when icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn never tired of being sexy and Powerful.

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Brands are bringing all sorts of hybrid grade eyewear formats. But do not worry. With one of them over your eyes, high waist round skirts and a short jacket you will continue to be retro. However, this means that one can no longer speak of pure kitten style, but rather, wayfarer-kitten or aviador-kitten, etc. A more pronounced angular touch makes a difference in the old models, when the market for sunglasses and sunglasses was not yet as allied to the fashion world of clothing as it is today.