Cozy and relaxed - this is how the lifestyle comes into the bedroom

To withdraw from the world in a targeted manner, lock out everyday life in front of the apartment door and finally arrive at yourself stress-free: the lifestyle trend cocooning makes it possible. Whether flower vase, picture frame or huge wall unit – the companies have recognized the trend and offer stressed consumers complex living environments to crawl into and enjoy.

In this article you will find out why more is necessary for the trend than laying out a few lambskins and why the topic is almost sociologically explosive.

What exactly is the term cocooning?

The expression plays with the image of a pupating butterfly. The larva spins itself into its cocoon and lingers comfortably in the housing. Nothing and nobody can disturb you in the comfortable domicile.

It is precisely this relaxed “curling up in your own home” that is expressed by the term cocooning. The lifestyle describes the voluntary retreat into one’s own four walls. In order to make your home as comfortable as possible, the apartment mutates into an urban oasis of well-being.

Is cocooning a furnishing trend?

No. Rather, what is meant is a certain lifestyle or a worldview in the form of living, living and thinking. American researchers were able to spot the idiosyncratic trend as early as the last century – across all social classes. They found that in troubled political times and in the wake of exploding costs, people increasingly withdraw into private life. Because: There is security and peace in your own home, the world is still in order. One could almost say that cocooning has made the previously frowned upon bourgeoisie modern and socially acceptable.

Effects of the current in social interaction

With this trend, social life takes place predominantly at home. While going out was still common in the 80s and early 90s, the trend towards cozy get-togethers in one’s own apartment developed from then on. Cooking together, fun game evenings or collective binge watching are the favorites for cocooning. The consequence: The atmosphere of the home is upgraded and serves as a new status symbol.

The beautiful sides of the trend

Because the social interaction takes place predominantly in one’s own apartment, a pleasant atmosphere should prevail in all rooms. The cozier your home, the easier it is to encapsulate yourself there.

Cocooning does not make any regulations. Rather, the style offers a bundle of possibilities to enhance the atmosphere with accessories, furniture or colors. The two styles Lagom and Hygge are creatively combined and your own taste is also welcome. Overall, the orientation should convey a warm cosiness, friendliness and an authentic calmness.

You need that in any case:

The style thrives on being able to stay in the house and happily accommodate friends and family members. Essential for this is a large dining table with a warm surface structure, comfortable chairs with backrests and a casual sofa that invites you to relax. Spreading carpets, soft candlelight, animal skins, soft pillows or knitted plaids help to make the guests and yourself as comfortable as possible. Because the colors are subdued, the light soft and the noises never bright, everyone feels comfortable.

Good to know:

Because eating together and lingering at the table is so important to Cocooning, there is even the separate expression “homing” for it. This means hours of enjoyment, philosophizing or fooling around in a familiar group. Incidentally, homing not only works at the dining table, but can also be celebrated around the cooking island in the kitchen, on the couch or in bed.

Cozy and relaxed – this is how the lifestyle comes into the bedroom

The cocooning trend thrives on relaxing and doing nothing. What better way to do that than in the idyllic bedchamber? In order to escape the hectic monotony, especially with this trend, it is therefore advisable to use the bedroom not only for sleeping, but also for switching off and enjoying.

First of all, you need a really cozy bed. It could come in a country house style, Scandi chic or as an opulent upholstered bed. Whether a matching bedside table or a converted box next to it, on which, as if by chance, an open book and a pot of tea are enthroned – there are no limits to personal taste. The soft and multi-layered bed linen can be laid on loosely. It doesn’t have to look too perfect with this trend – but inviting and familiar.

The ensemble is extended by two comfortable armchairs, a padded bed bench or a round pouf. Another practical feature is a narrow desk at which you can record events in a diary in the evening.

The look becomes charming when the wall is designed in calm nuances. Whether antique picture frames, modern posters or mirrors are attached is up to personal taste. The atmosphere should be in no way inferior to a casual living room ambience.

One should pay attention to this

Even if there are no rigid rules, attributes such as sustainability and ecological mindfulness are welcomed. These elements are particularly easy to incorporate if you take into account the motifs of the Scandinavian wisdom of life lagom and hygge. So there is no longer any fashion behind cocooning, but rather a philosophical orientation that appears pleasing and flatters the soul.

Cons of the way of life

Sociologists warn that the increased withdrawal could have negative effects on society. That is when the domestic relaxation turns into selfish disinterest and the individual does not want to be interested or even involved politically, interpersonal or on a voluntary basis.

In Japan, extreme withdrawal of individuals is classified as a disease. These people, known as Hikikomori, withdraw extremely into their own four walls, increasingly avoid the public and completely isolate themselves from everyone in the course of development. Then the apartment – as homely as it may be – becomes a prison rather than an atmospheric meeting place.

Cozy and relaxed - this is how the lifestyle comes into the bedroom