Cocooning: the Living Trend Simply Explained

Cozy and relaxed - this is how the lifestyle comes into the bedroom

To withdraw from the world in a targeted manner, lock out everyday life in front of the apartment door and finally arrive at yourself stress-free: the lifestyle trend cocooning makes it possible. Whether flower vase, picture frame or huge wall unit – the companies have recognized the trend and offer stressed consumers complex living environments to crawl into and enjoy. In this article you will find out why more is…

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Renovating a Bedroom – Step by Step 3

Remodel Bedroom

Renovating a bedroom: how should it be? When it comes to bedroom renovation, of course, you first have to think about where the “journey” should actually go. The bedroom is probably the most private and personal room in the whole apartment. This is where we withdraw to come to rest and recharge our batteries. Here, however, we are also relatively “defenseless” when we sleep at night and therefore absolutely dependent…

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Renovating a Bedroom – Step by Step 2

Obtaining Offers

Step 6: ordering supplies and furniture Now order all the necessary materials and construction elements, unless these are obtained from the contracted craftsmen: Door / s window Floor and any necessary fastening material Afford You can obtain or order paints, wallpaper, carpets, furniture and lights at a later date if necessary. Please note, however, that many pieces of furniture have a longer delivery time, so you should purchase or order…

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Renovating a Bedroom – Step by Step 1

Step 1 - setting the budget

If you own an old house or an old condominium, have just bought it or have inherited it, a comprehensive renovation of the various rooms is often pending. In addition, there may also be grounds for renovation in a rented property, which, depending on the scope – is taken over by the tenant – in consultation with the landlord. In our article we deal intensively with the renovation of the…

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