Blackie Anything Basics Vintage Fashion Jewels

Who ever heard of black pieces are wild in the wardrobe of any woman? They always help in time of doubt about what to wear, mainly because facilitate the combinations look. When it comes to accessory, black is also a success, and could not be different with the jewels. Want to give a touch of style and elegance in your production? Bet on a black jewel. Check out this post why you should invest in this powerful accessory!

1. Match all skin tones

Many women are in doubt about the colors that match every skin tone in time to choose accessories. In the case of the black jewel, this issue is not a problem because the color is ideal for all shades. Black, Brown and white can bet without fear in jewelry with gemstones.

2. Facilitates the combination with colorful clothing and accessories

Black is a neutral color, which is not to say that all accessory that is basic, but this time much easier to harmonize other parts, especially if they are colored. The black jewel can be used with a red shoe or a dress, for example, without the look get exaggerated.

3. Run the most traditional colors of jewels

When we think of jewels, soon come to mind Golden pieces or silver ornamented with precious stones such as turquoise, Emerald, quartz pink or Ruby. Black jewelry run of this pattern and make it a more modern and cool, but without losing the elegance.

If, for the black clothing represents the basics, in the world of jewels that tom is a way out of the traditional models like the earrings and pearl necklaces. Here at\ you can get more different models and styles.

4. Can be used on several occasions

A black jewel can be used on different occasions, looks from a production for work as for a gala party. The black stones will add elegance and style to your production. For a work look, opt for a small earring. In a gala dinner, a long earring with black crystals encrusted combines perfectly with the occasion.

But, black jewelry also have everything to do with who has a style more fashionista and tuned and want a visual for more casual events. A great option is the maxis black collars or make a mix of rings with small black stones.

5. Fit the various styles

You can find accessories in that tone that suit all styles: Classic, stripped, romantic or vintageinspirations, for example. Black is a versatile color that looks good on parts with different design, since a blow job that seems to have gone out of your grandmother’s jewelry box to a geometric necklace with futuristic inspirations

But, certainly, there are those parts that fall well within any wildcard style. For example, a ring with black stone or a small earring in the same tone. What will make the difference in your look are the clothes and accessories you will combine with these pieces.

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