Between Drama and Nature

This year design and furnishing enthusiasts can really let off steam, because the current trend is bringing new, daring elements into your living space. Dramatic color accents and unusual patterns are trendy this year and even the most experienced design professionals have the chance to venture into new design territory.

To stimulate your creativity, we have taken a closer look at some of the most beautiful and interesting trends.

Dramatic colors and shapes

Contrasting silhouettes combined with dramatic colors and a modern twist are all the rage this year. Feel free to reach deep into the paint pot in 2016 and dare to choose extreme colors. The look is rounded off with blurry shapes and patterns. It is somewhat reminiscent of the watercolor look from last year, but this year it is even darker and fancier.

Renaissance-style wallpapers are experiencing a revival and allow the unique fusion of old and new. History and the present can therefore easily meet one another this year. The structurally rich design elements from the last few centuries can be perfectly combined with modern furniture in the 1950s style. Photowalls Photo Wallpaper Lost Landscape combines these dark, atmospheric elements and is therefore the perfect addition to any modern room.

Floral print

For Fashion Week, fashion designer Marc Jabobs was inspired by interior patterns. Its floral patterns in particular did it to many fashion fans and Marc predicted that these would continue to play an important role in the coming months. This flowery trend can also be wonderfully implemented in your own four walls.

So the flowers are back and with a modern twist, these natural beauties can conjure up a touch of romantic modernity in your room. For example, set an accent with an oversized, detailed flower like the Royal Garden V photo wallpaper . Combine the whole thing with fabrics and structures such as velvety curtains and pillows, which skillfully create a contrast to the naturalness of the flower.

Mixed metals

Retro-style metals are also very much in vogue this year. Especially shimmering gold copper can give your living room a touch of the cozy fifties or seventies atmosphere. Shimmering metal tones instantly make a room look more luxurious. In addition to copper, golden design elements are also in this year. With Photowalls Lost Diamond photo wallpaper you can incorporate the shimmering metals into your living concept. In addition, home d├ęcor and accessories in metallic tones can further reinforce this trend. Whether bold colors, playful patterns or shimmering metal – in 2016 you can try out unusual design trends to bring your space to life.

Be brave and dare to do something new. How will you implement this year’s design trends in your four walls?

Between Drama and Nature