Autumn Love and Gold Shooting – into The woods with Gracy Q

My autumn love grows and thrives on the new, where I desperately search the shadows in the sweltering heat of the summer, to hope for a little cooling off me every day.

While most quietschen hilarious bask in the Leipzig lakes in the Sun, I dream of the first cool drizzle in September, tarnish autumn morning and the fresh air that arrives slightly blurred in the city.

In the fall, everything is beautifully easy for me. I love the rich, muted colors of the Woods and am particularly about detour in my home – the Thuringian forest – which emits for me, what makes this time of year. The nature is recovering from chaotic summer, which is humid every year and Ruthless. Before us the forests, which are day somewhat bald, but whatever the hotel and more colorful.

At some point a Hedgehog family under the stairs of my home has back, until we gather a mountain of foliage to them in the garden, provide a small shelter made of wood and very carefully to relocate them together with young.

And I am pleased, once again nice outfits to wear, which consist not only of thin dress and several layers of sunscreen, a red glowing face and sticky together knotted hair.

Into the Woods – because fall fashion is the most beautiful.

Shootingzeit with gracy Q

Why am I writing such a long paragraph to my autumn love, if I want to get but the curve on the subject of fashion? Because it fits so nicely together. Because gracy Q has taken up all the wonderful characteristics of autumn and I am pleased that I was able to stand in front of the camera for this great fashion.

“Into the Woods” is, guess, my previously favourite collection of gracy Q. Rich tones of green, golden yellow or deep black designer Anne picked fights directly from nature and as a model for taking the forests for their new fall fashion. As a “tribute to the colours of autumn on the moss-covered, lush green forests, which invite us to a long walk.”

Recently I was on my Facebook page asked…

…wie it is to modeling for such labels.

It’s a really great honor. The one to be that (re) must present the clothes, to introduce them to all the stylish ladies are already eagerly waiting for the latest models. Even if you know that exactly these images are seen in the online shop, on postcards and co. not less nervous do proud but also all the more. To see the results of a long shooting day, the conclusion is just great!

As you can see, we – were how could it be otherwise when the topic – in the Woods on the way. The Elbe sandstone mountains is now while not exactly around the corner from Leipzig, but was really just right as backdrop option.

Amongst the trees, rocks and MOSS were the sunshine of late summer through the branches and the rough rocks provided a mystical backdrop for influences of surreal shots of winter fashion.

How to convert autumn love in fashion?

A conversation with Designer Anne battles.

Dear Anne, you have a whole collection dedicated to the topic of forest. What does the forest for you?

The forest is a place with 2 pages for me. I am with my grandparents was often as a child during the holidays and went for a walk with my grandfather in the forest. On the day, it’s a place where I was already protected very felt. Especially in autumn when all colors so intense and the light through the trees slightly golden falls. For me, that is warmth and security.

Sometimes we were also very long on the road, it was already Dim and dark slowly and the forest for me always a surreal placethat has me scared and also fascinated. Where between the trees hanging fog forms creepy creatures or settles cold like a veil around you. These two pictures were the inspiration for this collection.

How does to you such motifs as a designer in fashion?

In these two collections I have implemented mainly through the colours and materials the subject. In autumn Golden velvet and corduroy in Hunter Green, a very realistic image. In the winter, I have exclusively Italian wool for example in an intense purple and classic black for the dark and surreal stand.
The prints also make reference to the topic.

The inspiration for the polka dots was originally in the back of a fawn autumn and winter will I represent the thicket with the branches, you can get in that when night falls.

How much importance does a collection shooting for you? Puts you you at the shoot in the customers, how and whether they can identify with the images?

Shootings are very important to me, especially if they can be implemented with backdrop. Eventually everything comes together at this point, from the idea to the design until to the final collection, and makes a whole. The model must be a woman with which the gracy Q can identify customers and adapt to my vision.

Is there a difference in terms of autumn/winter for you fashion compared to the spring and summer?

I like the cold seasons! I love wool, and heavier materials, with which I’m dressed “correctly”. The black and the range of dark tones. In these clothes I feel comfortable and safe.

However, after a perfect introduction that sounds in the cold season. For this reason, it remains just yet, you, dear reader, a beautiful, cool me, to wish Golden and too rainy autumn!

You can find all the pieces of the new collection here.

You can find a further nice contribution to the fall fashion by gracy Q at Anja by everyday boudoir. Also, the dear Miss Kittenheel has written a great post of to Golden Autumn fashion.



Getting Ready to Shoot Autumn

Getting Ready to Shoot Autumn


Getting Ready to Shoot Autumn

Getting Ready to Shoot Autumn