Allied – Familiar Strangers: Big Hollywood Movie in the Style of the 40s

Brad Pitt is as intelligence officer Max Vatan confided before the most difficult decision of his life in Allied – strangers. The moving story of a passionate love, in tragic circumstances.

The English version of this post you find here: Allied movie – A passionate and tragic love story in Old Hollywood Style.

The English secret service officer Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) and the French Resistance fighter Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cotillard) learn to know and love in the secret order of the allied powers in Casablanca.

Their intimate relationship is put to a severe test when Marianne is suspected, to spy for the enemy. For Max, a world collapses. Caught in an opaque network of suspicions and lies, he tries desperately to find out whether Marianne’s love and their life together based on true feelings. The new film tells a moving story about desire, love, hope and betrayal of Paramount Pictures.

A film in the style of old Hollywood

The moving story of Max and Marianne begins in the old Casablanca. The producers wanted to bring the mood and atmosphere of the famous Hollywood films from the 40s back to life.

“We wanted our film to evoke the Casablanca that we already know from the classic Casablanca – and that’s really how it what time at that. It what a very elegant, stylish, sophisticated city at the crossroads of the.”

Of course, today’s technology and film effects were not imaginable at the time. But wanted to give Director Robert Zemeckis film Allied – familiar strangers feel as if he were in the old days of Hollywood . In mind always that was famous “Casablanca” movie by Michael Curtiz, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the lead roles.

The Academy Award-winning director Robert Zemeckis, who led the spring also in films such as Forrest Gump, cast away, or flight, allied – filmed familiar strangers.

“Allied is absolutely a story of betrayal and that’s the universal theme of this film: how we apply when we start to think someone we love isn’t who they say they are.” Robert Zemeckis.

Producer Graham King said that it was a long time ago, that the audience saw combines a so moving and at the same time tragic love story in a movie.

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt: Hollywood celebrities and style icons

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt aka Marianne and Max should actually only a temporary couple be. Despite Max’s great care and efforts to keep distance, he is not however able to close his heart before Marianne.

In preparation for the shoot, Brad Pitt has focuses completely on to immerse yourself in Max’s life. The actor worked with a dialect coach to learn the specific, Québéc French accent .

Pitt also asked Director Robert Zemeckis to make the film as much as possible in chronological order. For the actor’s was of great importance, unfold its character authentic. He begins with a cool distance at the beginning of the story, and developed a great passion for Marianne, ultimately culminating in despair and the great desire for the truth during the course of the film.

“I think Allied is equally a story of suspense and one of tragic romance.” Marion Cotillard.

Marianne is an dazzling, beautiful, and highly talented French agent. When she meets Max, she embodies a fictional personality for their secret mission. For Robert Zemeckis Marion has brought exactly what the character of Marianne needs: unerring authenticity, whether in their nationality or the display of emotions.

“Marion is to absolutely magnificent actress and with this role, she has a lot of different emotional, psychological and physical dimensions to play with.” Robert Zemeckis.

“What makes Allied – familiar strangers, is to observe how piece by piece the hidden layers of the characters are revealed, while the movie heads to its climax”, said Marion Cotillard.

Authentic scenes in the style of the 40s

Gary Freeman was production designer for Allied – familiar strangers. From the outset it was clear to Freeman, look like the film as a contemporary work wanted – leave as it would begin a historical events from the period of the 40s. So he laid this emphasis on authentic details, he played with proportions and colours, to give the plant a more modern atmosphere.

In the course of filming, Gary Freeman and his team built around 80 different scenes. The construction began with the opening scenes of Casablanca.

“In the 40’s Casablanca was influences and truly glamorous flair a very lively, cosmopolitan city, full of French Art Déco. The disintegration threatened London on the other hand, in the British capital was mere survival”, so Freeman. “So we played with the rich colors of the Moroccan market places, and its circular architecture, which reflect the depth of emotion and danger in the Max and after their arrival in Casablanca are Marianne.”

Max: “I heard a lot about you. They said you were beautiful. “And good.” -Marianne: “being good at this kind of work is not very beautiful.”

The design of the scenes immediately took Marion Cotillard with into the 40s, as if she were in a time machine. After their first arrival it was very impressed.

“All the details were so strong and felt so real, it what easy to believe we really were back in that place during World’s kid II. it so important as an actor to have that feeling of (…).” Marion Cotillard.

How fashion shapes the film

Costume designer Joanna Johnston formed the characters of Max and Marianne in a best possible way glamorous. The film begins with summer and sand colored, high-quality clothing in Casablanca. In the course of history, the viewer sees a mixture of Marianne’s Bohemian of fashion influenced on and Max’ formal clothing in London.

According to producer Steve Starkey Joanna Johnston worked continuously, authentic work out every detail of the era. So tells it, that she has not only a great sensibility for design, but also an extensive knowledge of British history. According to Starkey, the costume design of the key for the style of the film was.

Marianne Johnston designed a Classic, glamorous fashion. Her outfits can be in the movie greater than they seem as in real life, and in addition as credibly as if she were a real woman who just really experienced this dramatic story.

Marianne’s glamorous evening dresses

Marianne is a French lady, which proves very much class and style in the film. She wears very high-quality pieces with attention to detail.

One of the beautiful outfits by Marianne is the floor location with turquoise evening gown. My feeling after especially the elegant dresses of the French give the film a classic touch in the style of old Hollywood.

The propaganda exhorting French ladies to dress up high. The example of this dress, you’re wonderful, that was designed evening wear at that time also for expediency . Shortage of fabric dresses were formed closer to the body, often in an hourglass silhouette.

Luxury was appreciated even in the early 40s in evening wear, but this was implemented pragmatically – as with long-sleeved designs. In the event of a bombing raid, the women for the cold nights in safe shelter were better protected.

The dress that bears in this scene, Marianne is a wonderful, form-fitting and floor length dress , decorated with a spring in sequins across the chest. Such decorations were implemented made-to-measure quite rarely and mostly at the beginning of the 40s. The dress is also complemented with draped fabric over the hips and a plunging neckline.

In the second part of my article, I show you typical fashion of the early 40s and explain how is the beautiful also this wonderful vintage looks from Marianne can be translated.

In the meantime, I have a great tip for you: why don’t you just go to the movies, and look at the touching love story of winter itself? Allied – familiar stranger is from December 22, at the cinema.