A Night at the Opera – Festive Retro Fashion for a Magical Night

The most beautiful, festive retro fashion for an evening full of magical stories.

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Christmas is a time of magic. A time of fairy tales, surprises, traditions and old stories. They take you with in other worlds, can dream of you, fall in love, and enjoy every moment with your loved ones.

For me, the season of advent is closely linked to visit theatres, the ballet or the Opera. Pieces such as Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and Swan Lake, Dickens Christmas story or La Bohème von Puccini take us in Mystic and dreamy winter worlds.

And I think it’s beautiful to dress elegantly, with the family to go out, to plunge together in these stories.

A big thank you goes to Sven by see above professional photography Leipzig, which conjured up all the wonderful pictures in this post.

I got the wonderful opportunity to take pictures in our beautiful Oper Leipzig . So to this magical, festive retro fashion to your own glamorous appearance inspire you and take you into the dazzling world of Opera and La Bohème.

Festive retro fashion for Opera

Due to its unique architecture, the Leipzig Opera House stands under monumental protection. The great interior design, which you can see in our photos, has been implemented in the 50s. The tradition of the Opera House in our city however goes back to the 17th century.

In particular, I enjoy the sight of the monumental staircase at each visit. The levels are designed with dark red carpet, walls and art forged railings were decorated with gold leaf.

The lighting of the House is impressive. While the bulbs are similar to buds of flowers in the cloakroom Hall, the Foyer lighting elements reminiscent of umbels flowered on a dandelion.

Old Hollywood glamour with Topvintage looks

Four outfits in different styles to show you how many ways there are to spend an elegant evening at your favorite opera or the theatre in vintage-inspired fashion. I will show you where I found what pieces, and that it is also quite lovely to combine different decades of your fashion.

The Emerald velvet rose swing dress* (it almost screams after visiting the wizard of Oz) is in fact even more beautiful than on the pictures I saw on the Internet. The top layer of transparent, Black mesh and the print in the form of leaf tendrils decorate a dress from green sateen.

The Velvet top dress give a very significant and luxurious sight the 50s inspired swing dress. And friends for your big show a touch of Hollywood glamour.

The dress is fitted with transparent straps made of silicone, so it sits perfectly on the shoulders. I used it for the pictures Splendette Accessories* this combined, reminiscent of old bakelite jewelry and wear small, carved up details.

Another piece, which should be a Vintage Lady in any wardrobe, is an elegant jumpsuit. A ready-made outfit from only a single piece, what will a lady! Gigi by Miss Candyfloss* is in shape and cut of the 40s I find inspired, particularly beautiful years in the v-neckline, wide leg and the pleats.

You can combine the piece in different variations. Here I am, for example, the Gloria Wool turban*, what makes extravagant and exotic seem the look.

You can easily implement this look. Rotary friends just a few curls, here you will find my instructions for curly hair overnight. On top of the head or pony game you don’t worry to make it. Then you wind up the turban and the stylish outfit for your evening in our Winter Wonderland is complete.

The nice thing about the turban: You can wear a headdress in the Opera, without interfering with the view of the men and women in the ranks behind you! :)) The handbag *, I’ve chosen that, was embroidered with green-and gold peacock feathers.

These were just two of numerous possible elegant, stylish retro outfits from the Topvintage boutique. This shop with me since the beginning of my time as a blogger and even today I still love him.

Precious, handmade velvet dress of green fashion

Designer Sara of green fashion has prescribed throughout the 60s with their designs. The shown here velvet dress reminiscent of the 60’s series mad men and the stylish Joan Harris. Sara is itself an absolute swinging sixties girl and love to the value of materials and you can see cuts to their pieces.

With my interpretation of the dress Joansie, combined with Vintage Waves and T-Straps*, I’ve transferred your charming model in the 40s.

The tailored cut, the MIDI length skirt rows to and the absolute high quality soft velvet fabric are so comfortable to wear, that the piece not only for an elegant night at the Opera, but also a stylish (and long) Christmas celebration is wonderfully suited. I think I rarely wore such a delicate and soft material on the skin.

The material is known as “gold edge Office” . The velvet is doing so tightly woven that the material remains intact and very long shelf life. What is the general quality of this substance in the rock at the edge of a gold in the Center seam is visible. The dress is so unmistakably a piece that accompany many years can make.

To the velvety Joansie, I can wear a special chain here handmade in the 19th century by artist and Goldsmith Theodor Fahrner. Such special jewelry pieces are rare to find. The Bohèmian blue boutique* on Etsy has sent me this piece for the shooting and are specialized to unearth ancient treasures.

With the code “golddust” you can with your purchase at Bohèmian blue * save 10%!

Art Déco beauty from the revival of retro boutique

This gilded beauty struck me during my visit to the revival retro boutique in London in the eye, I was able to visit in September, together with other Vintage Ladies . Retro revival is a sweet boutique in Fitzrovia, in the heart of London. It is run by women, which is a great passion for vintage styles and happy, confident women have connected to each other. There we had the chance, many models on and try, and so this dress followed me with Germany.

Eliza dress in black and gold was the first gold piece in my closet. The charming Art Deco pattern and the lightweight material could become one of my favorite dress.

I particularly like to wear fashion the emphasizes the waist. Here this is supported with a belt, which is decorated with two moving flowers, you can see one in my hair. It’s a very feminine dress that you are also online can.

Due to the loving details you need here no striking accessories. A delicate, classical element, such as these mentioned vintage chain*, completed your performance for the evening.

And now, with all the glamorous inspirations for your festive retro fashions, you’re perfectly equipped for a magical evening at the Opera.

La Bohème – the story of a tragic love

One of the most listed operas of all time is La Bohème, a piece of Italian composer Giacomo Puccini. The story of sweet and tragic love of Mimi and Rodolfo takes place in the city of romance – the Paris of the 1830s. The Parisian Bohemian reflects the dream of freedom, independence, and art. A very moving piece and a special recommendation for your evening at the Opera.

The four friends of Rodolfo, Marcello and colline Shaunard freeze of the city in the icy winter nights above the rooftops. As Rodolfo meets its impoverished neighbor Mimi, the two fall in love. But this link is drawn by a financial ups and downs, sickness and death.

Without then ever to have visited Paris, Puccini began as a the flair of the scenery of French Cafés like the atmosphere of a frosty winter day.

Puccini wrote his work in memory of his years as a Bohemian and student. On December 10, 1895, he gathered with his friends, an artist Guild of writers and painters. While the other wine drank and celebrated, he composed.

The basic theme of love is accompanied by the thought of the youth. The Opera reminds viewers at a time in their lives dedicated to friendship, love, laugh was. And the belief in infinite possibilities.

These are all the themes what is about the Christmas season. I wish you a wonderful, magical and happy time with your loved ones. Now at home, or at the Opera.

Which piece you look most at Christmas time?

A big thank you to the Opera of Leipzig for the wonderful opportunity to realize this photo spread in their premises! Thanks also to Sven from above professional photography for photographic implementation.