A Delicate Wedding Dress in the Vintage Style – Custom-Made by Sanding Flaps

Wedding dresses in the vintage style of the Leipzig label loop backer

The first wedding dress, that made the Leipzig measure dressmaker Laura, was her own. 2013 gave them to say their loved ones and was confronted even with the serious search for a perfect piece.

As it is quite large and had special ideas, she was quite satisfied with none. And made a virtue out of necessity: you sewed up her wedding dress just itself. You can admire how beautiful it has become. Light, delicate, feminine, with lace and a touch of vintage. Just like all their other models to this day.

By the way, it’s bad luck, to sew his wedding dress even allegedly. To work around this, Laura has let a friend win the last trick. And because of the preparations, the anticipation and all the magic around getting married so have you, she has made the tailors of wedding dresses to their passion and profession.

The light touch of vintage

That their wedding dresses have a touch of vintage, is not to be overlooked. The top material used Laura very much, so the pieces are very feminine and love of detail. For such substances, visited the Btech measurement, is concerned for example original Plauen lace. You will appreciate it, to know where the materials come from. This is a great aspect certainly also for the brides.

The silhouettes in sanding flaps are plain and modern at the same time. In its straightforward, sometimes slightly curved form and with the shorter skirts they remind me of the cuts of the 60s.

Laura loves straight, loose and unversteift. On request there are also slight petticoats to the clothes for the right moves.

Making a custom wedding dress

To sew up the wedding dress has some advantages as Laura showed me. On the one hand, it fits it of course perfect! What dress off the rack sits at a lady already like a glove? All figurative features are considered to highlight the benefits of the bride.

Can continue the client am everything in the smallest details have individually changed. Now buttons, the back neckline or the tip.

A handmade wedding dress in the vintage style from the Studio of sanding flaps costs about 700 to €1000. I find a compelling price to pay that everything precisely and with love will be tailored to the detail on the body! The cutters need Laura grossed up to 3 days, so 24 to 40 hours, depending on the request and model. 2.3 fittings are necessary for this.

At the time of our conversation, she worked at eight dresses at the same time. More should not be there, she said.

The trend toward the simple wedding dress in the vintage style

Laura told me that the trend towards simpler pieces goes. The most popular dresses are less hyped, seem more natural. Conventional manufacturers have focused their fashion then.

The basic form of a wedding dress with narrow top and wide rock held today its firm place in the fashion of the 80s. “Now it is finally that there are again new trends”, Laura told me.

Delicate pastel colors are especially popular with sanding flaps. Light apricot, fresh mint or soft coral – the bright tones give the clothes that special something. They look festive.

Just the sanding flaps customers, mostly between 25 and 35, celebrate love unconventional. A bride celebrated, for example, in a barn, and offered to do it yourself Burger. Sometimes, they also like to design themed parties. Just like individual and ‘differently’.

Planning tips for brides-to-be…

… for buying wedding dress

The bride should have been some idea of her dress. If you discovered a dress browsing and I particularly like this, you should know whether it one even fits. Just at the own wedding, it is important to yourself to stay and knowing who one is.

It is good to know what one is. The beautiful pages in herauzusheben.

Best is to know already location and season, to make the dress out. Who want to are in the summer on the beach with a baggy princesses dress?

For the wedding gown purchase including changes wife takes at least Three months.

… for the wedding

A year in advance should start at least with the preparations. Especially if one has taken special service providers and locations in the eye.

Very important: Always listen to your own feeling. “Somebody has always something to complain about,” said Laura. It is important that the couple behind everything even is. “If you want something, then you should enforce also that!”.

Dear Laura, what makes marriage for you in the modern time still so special?

“For me as Btech’s is a nice ritual to make the time before the wedding with the bride. Preparations go, unfortunately often something in everyday life, and here they enjoy it even more. It is then always sad when many have their last pick.

Getting married is a reflection on the family in my opinion. This time is so unsettled. Looking for support and an anchor.”

Sanding flaps – address and opening hours

You can find Laura in cooking road 25, 04275 Leipzig.

Monday-Friday 1 pm 6 pm
Wednesday closed
Saturday & at other times like after agreement

Reported on her blog day dreamer Laura lovingly crafted contributions among other things from their work as bridal fashion designer – it is worth to look!