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Discover the May Moonstone at Jewelry

We are overwhelmed with love this May. You might be wondering why? We are in the middle of spring, the birds are chirping and the grass shimmers its green color. Therefore, it is quite fitting that the colorful gemstone emerald is the moonstone in May. It is associated with unconditional love and ancient legends say that it protects against harm - this gemstone has a unique history and significance. Vintage Will monthly stones on jewelry have exquisite emeralds in their collection. Ladies of the month of May, this is your month!


MAY HISTORY OF THE MOONSTONEIt comes from the Greek word "emerald" which means "green stone". Emeralds have been mined since 300 BC and were used in ancient Greece and Rome. Some estimate that the oldest emeralds are 2.97 trillion years old. Europeans were attracted to this beautiful gemstone when the Spaniards invaded South America in the 16th century. The Incas praised emeralds for hundreds of years. During that time, emeralds were also worshiped by the Mughal Empire in India who believed that this gemstone offered protection from the gods.SIGNIFICANCE OF THE EMERALD


The emerald is believed to have mysterious powers, it protects against harm such as disease, it protects against evil and has an ability to predict the future and see the truth. It has a calming effect. In ancient times, the emerald represented Venus, Love and the God of Beauty, which resulted in the gemstone representing romance. Ancient Egyptians who had one of the first emerald mines adored the emerald so much that they used to bury mummies with the stone that symbolized eternal youth.


EMERALD FANTASTERCleopatra adored emeralds and so did Elizabeth Taylor who wore legendary emeralds when she recorded Cleopatra. The captivating Jackie Kennedy wore an engagement ring in glittering emerald and diamond. Also, when King Edward VIII of England asked Wallis Simpson to marry him - one of the most amazing love stories - it included a ring in a nineteen carat emerald with an engraving that read: "We belong to ourselves now". Nowadays, you can find famous Hollywood stars such as Olivia Wilde and Halle Berry with beautiful emerald engagement rings.THE CELEBRATION OF LIFE EVENTS WITH EMERALDS


Important milestones are best celebrated with a meaningful gift. A Personalized Stick in Sterling Silver with the Swarovski Chest is just such a gift to give to someone who is very important to you. You can even give one to yourself, especially if you were born in the month of May! On each Stave you can engrave a name or add a moonstone. It is a perfect gift for a partner because it symbolizes the unique relationship between them and their personal monthly stones. This graceful necklace is a fantastic piece of jewelry to wear for years.


THE EXCITING AND ATTRACTIVEFamilies are like branches on a tree; they grow in different directions, but they share the same roots. Is there a better way to honor your family than with the love that represents the bond between you? The Tree of Life necklace in the shape of a heart and with monthly stones also offers the opportunity to choose Swarovski Crystals in each family member's monthly stone plus an engraving with each name. Mother's engraved heart with moonstones has a heart-shaped pendant where you can engrave the name and add each family member's monthly stone. These two necklaces are original and memorable gifts that give the opportunity to a mother or another family member whose month of birth is in May to have their beautiful emerald hanging next to all their family members' monthly stones. These gifts bring joy to our hearts and capture a family's love and bond through a special piece of jewelry forever.THE MOST COLORFUL MONTH


Live for the moment you CAN put into words. Stackable name ring with monthly stone is an innovative and modern gift that you can give to a lovely friend or family member. This monthly stone ring offers the ability to engrave a name and add a monthly stone and add more rings with the names of important people and their monthly stone. This stylish and modern ring can also contain words that inspire or make one smile. Words like "live, laugh, smile" or "Love beyond words" are fine engraving examples along with her moonstone.

Whatever gift you choose, we remind you that you do not have to be born in May to wear this beautiful gemstone, as the emerald's popularity continues to grow.

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