1 Section, 10 Dresses – So You Can Sew Your Fashions Itself

We learn at last even sew!

I am very pleased with the development, but more and more consumers about the origin of their fashion to reflect and seek alternatives of to cheaply produced mass goods.

Sewing for fast fashion

In “fast fashion – the brutal industrial of destruction” like detailed and highly critical, what clothes from mass production with ourselves and our environment, which can have dramatic consequences for animals, nature and factory workers making plastic shirts and chemistry cotton sweaters.

One of the ways to appreciate more clothing and to make no longer depend on H & M and co., is sewing. There are numerous YouTube tutorials and learn Sewing instructions that even beginners on the way to their self manufactured piece of clothing and show them how they sew.

What is there for a better feeling than knowing that the skirt I wear on the body, was created by my own hands ? And I’m sure that this rock is maintained with utmost love and care.

A very nice accompaniment for sewing beginners and professionals is the book of my Bloggerfriend Laura Hertel, “1 cut – 10 dresses.” * On the basis of a basic cut , you can sew friends here a variety of dress models and expand your Sewing ability.

By the accountant to the author

Laura Hertel has studied fashion design and opened her own Studio for fashionable weddingin our beautiful city of Leipzig in the year 2015. In my post “a delicate wedding dress in the vintage style – tailored by sanding flaps” I’ve discussed last year Laura and her label.

Laura has become it for the task, with handmade wedding dresses, inspired by the ‘ 60s, the ladies on the most beautiful day of her life to a very special piece of clothing on the body.

As she says: “I believe that the best things in life are hand-made.”

Section 1 – 10 dresses: how you can sew

“Also the substances with which they put on are as different as the people of the Earth”. A really nice entry in a lovingly crafted book, step by step through the production of own dress leading the seamstress.

For beginners like me, who have their own sewing machine recently, it’s incredibly helpful to have extensively explained the basics of different fabrics, sewing tool or the correct setting of the sewing machine.

So, I can on my new sewing machine sit comfortably with book, description and pictures and try out this piece by piece, and explore.

How to adjust the upper thread, rewound the bobbin thread or cleaned the seam allowances, shows Laura with pretty pictures and great tips – so I’m sure that I can sew my first own dress itself soon!

Their creations, which you can find in the book and translate for you hot “Ellie”, “Charlie” or “Goldie”. This is Laura the basic cutting, shows but also at the same time, with the numerous possibilities this combine and customize can.

Looks like you could sew infinitely many clothes with a few cut targets without having one completely resembles the other.

For the pieces of your heart, you will find great fabrics, for example, at our site. * the local selection of colors, patterns and prints is very large and can bubble up to the imagination and ideas for hand work.

Very sweet, I think about the maritime pattern, which has used Laura for her “shirt blouse dress Milton”. Anchor on a blue background, a collar with a Retro Look, and a loop around the waist make the piece a beautiful companion through all seasons.

One of my favorite models is also the “dress Goldie”, for which the author was by the way, even in front of the camera. Combined with a beautiful headdress or striped shirt, made with a nice jeans or corduroy fabric, Goldie is a great, versatile-ready look with a touch of the 60s!

How do I find my own style?

Who already mastered these steps and can themselves sew may immediately proceed to the next chapters. Wonderful, I find this post “How do I find my own style?”.

And there we find the subject of fast fashion: “who is chasing all the time only the latest trends, will probably never find his own style.”

So, Laura stressed how important it is to develop a sense of good materials, proportions and colors. She gives the reader tips on hand, how she find out for themselves in which cuts they themselves feel most comfortable.

Personally, I find, that it is extremely important for a healthy self-confidence to wear the clothes, the own character, your own preferences match perfectly – and just not the expectation of others.

Laura’s book is so “1 cut – 10 dresses” many things in one: A help to find his own style in the world of trends and fashion labels. A small contribution against fashion from mass production and of course a loving and extensive guide on how you can your own clothes even sewing, just as she would sit like a dear friend next to you and whisper their tips in the ear.

Leaving me only, to wish you (or us) have fun sewing!

Win your own sewing book!

Hence you try your sewing luck and with “section 1 – 10 dresses” can make your own creations, has Laura me one of their works to the giving away provided!

Everything that you do have to, is the Facebook pages of sanding flaps and Vintage girl to liken and me under a Facebook to betray post, which the models from Laura’s book you would prefer sew as a comment. The competition starts at the 05.05., held the draw by luck on the 12.05.

Good luck!