Well Protected by Tate Millinery Headpieces – Graceful Retro

‘Hats make every outfit special. They were so diverse. For every occasion, there own Hutformen and headpiece. Since I find it very unfortunate that today so few women dare to be well protected. You miss so many ways of expression, so much elegance and femininity so much.’

For this reason, it is strongly time that woman wearing Hat again! And although none of the rod. But a model that was handmade with love and passion.

The Lady of the world with the beautiful creations by Karen Cavallaro and her label Tate millinery comes well protected through the spring. She resides in Monchengladbach, and from there she conjures up new, unique headgear, which make any outfit into something special.

For Karen are handmade hats something unique. They keep long, retain their shape and are special. The pieces manufactured are just not in any department store. Woman is not at risk to see her hat on the head of our neighbour through the city for a walk. And that’s why she is also convinced that every woman should have a high quality headdress.

Creation of the unique headdress creations

How are such gems actually made? Karen sits differently long at all of their creations. It’s always depends whether she conjures up a small Fascinator, a felt or straw hat. Some hats are drawn across a form or even by hand modeled. A Fascinator, for example, can arise already in a single day. Larger hats take it even longer.

A classical training to the Milliner has not enjoyed by the way, Karen. What but certainly doesn’t show her pieces! She is an inspiring example that you come forward with lots of passion and ambition as a newcomer. In a variety of workshops and by using a dear mentor, Karen has accumulated skills.

All has begun that she looked beautiful pictures of hats of past times. Only these were no longer to buy. ‘There was a virtue out of necessity – I have my simple homemade hats. And then it became something that made me so much fun that I wanted to do for other hats. Finally, I have only one head, but far too many ideas.’

Karen loves it especially to investigate customer requirements. If you like love to get a particular piece of her that should fit perfectly to a dress or occasion is happy to look particularly, their imaginations forward run!

Love the retro style

Dear Karen, how did you find actually to your classic elegant style?

I like hats, that it may be implemented in everyday life, without disguised to be. And I have exactly this claim on all the hats I make. The 20s to 50s are my personal passion, since it stands to reason that even my creations based on this time.

There are eras, art or personalities who particularly inspire you in your work?

The fashions of the 20s to 50s most inspired my work. There are two personalities who inspire me. One is a Milliner from New York, which is my Idol: Behida Dano. The other is my mentor, who first brought me the hat making: Ricarda Engelsberger – where a big thank you for the previous way.

Headdress for lovers

Did you actually also sometimes pieces that you no longer like give away at the end of the long production process?

Oh, Yes. There are quite a few honey, I no longer give up going over in my private collection. But that is so good, if you can produce the hats – to make the same play again, then everyone will benefit.

What is it feel like after long detailed work with great passion to provide a piece for sale?

I’m always happy if I could realize an idea again and even more I rejoice when the hat is then other lovers. I rejoice every sale, because that shows me that my hats go down well.

There are certain people that you’d like to dress up? I recently saw a picture of AVA Elderwood with one of your hats – she looks so very adorable!

I have some ladies in my head, I would like to dress up. AVA is a beautiful woman. I am very proud that she is wearing one of my hats. I hope it was not the last. A dream is to see the vintage model Idda van Munster with one of my pieces. And perhaps I can persuade Yes sometime DITA von Teese for a hat from me.

What makes a beautiful, unique headpiece for you?

He must be portable – reduced and becoming, not English pompous. I’m not a fan of the Ascot Hat creations. The wearer should have the feeling that all her turn around, because she don’t looks so great so that she carries a foreign body. This is the problem from my point of view today. The excuse “I’m not a hat face” does not apply, there are for every face the matching Hat. But to wear headdress also means to have confidence and to feel good. Then the Lady wearing the hat and not the hat determined Lady.

How does the Lady of world know which hat model is particularly well? It’s unfortunately difficult to this Online Shopping* to apply sample.

This is actually a problem. I offer every lady who is not sure to try in my Studio by the hat creations. Here you get a good sense of what type of hat is one fast.

The love of classic hats grows everywhere

One of your creations landed Flaneur just on the cover of the beautiful retro vintage magazine. Did you expect? It must have been a great surprise!

I’m floating on cloud nine. I was hoping that one of my hats it creates in the magazine, to be directly on the cover is a huge honour.

What does it mean for you if women proudly wear your hats?

I am totally pleased. It’s exactly what my hats need: confident womenwho know they look good with the hat. I’m thrilled every time when I see one of the hats on its wearer. Through the Online Shop* you have the opportunity to see the hats also attracted not so often. This is the big drawback when you have no permanent shop.

Are you personally always well protected on the road? And which mode do you prefer private it prefer?

You can see myself almost only with hat on the road. I have an own hat cupboard just for my private hats, since I must take advantage of every opportunity :)) privately I’m wearing much the style of the 30s and 40s. That watch the hats of course quite well.

What is so special about artistic work for you?

My life is full of artistic activity. I could not imagine, to give up. So, it’s my life, not my profession.

And finally: I’m happy that…

…ICH that possibility also to make my dreams come true and have a great man which supports all.

Thanks Karen, for the exciting insights into your life with Tate millinery. And through you we have some wonderful insights into the ‘phenomenon’ Hat won:

Hats give the women till today unabated femininity, elegance, and expression.

Buy hand made hats with love is an investment for eternity.

The excuse ‘I have no Hat face’ does not apply.

But it takes confidence to wear retro headdress. Because the Lady determines the hat, not vice versa!

A good Hat adorns the Lady, he is reduced and becoming.

And, my very special conclusion – if you have found an activity in itself, which you can follow with passion, then makes it just happy.