‘Watch of The Year 2008’ Awards Granted by Montres Passion

Montres Passion, translated into the Spanish would passion for watches, is a Swiss magazine of reference in the world of watchmaking and 15 years ago that organizes Watch of the year award.

These events always work because who doesn’t want to be home in the world of Swiss watchmaking. There are prizes of the jury: First, second and third; Special Prize of the jury, the Lady Watch award and audience award.

During the ceremony the past 28 October in Geneva, the ‘plateau, petite seconde Chambre’ Piaget led the brand-new first prize for the watch of the year 2008 (main photo) before the audience of 500 personalities from the world of watchmaking. Congratulations!

The jury chose it by “the perfection of its design, elegance and purity of the model, the fineness and the excellence of its extra-flat movement”: the experts have spoken.

The second award went to the model ‘ Da Vinci Vintage Automatic’ IWC and the third was to Rodolphe by your watch ‘Instinct Basic 4851 Four Time Zone’.

Piaget must be of celebration still because they were also the Lady Watch award Thanks to his ‘Magic Hour’ surely you remember having seen by its original sphere multi-position.

We are going to by the Special Prize of the jury, granted to the model ‘Diane, minute repetition’ Harry Winston. But where has all my attention is the The 2008 audience award which fell on the Flower of Perrelet Diamond, presented previously in Embelezzia: that reloj-joya has me fascinated.

If you have any of these award-winning models by Montres Passion You can already announce it proudly to the four winds. In Embelezzia I congratulate you for your election and we are delighted with so tasteful readers.