Vintage Fashion in the Gardens

You know those pieces that have the guy in the old photo of the grandmother? Midi skirt, dresses with the waist selected, with an eye on (who won a re-read, and turned the blouse cropped), glasses, kitten, sweaters pattern poa, cardigãs knitting and head bands? This is vintage fashion! And the best: enters the station, exit the station, she is always on the radar of the women in tune because they are invariably very feminine and add value to the body. Can be combined in a look retro the total, or used alone to give a more personal touch to the productions more modern.

Vintage Fashion in the Gardens 1

The DMais real Estate have selected some of the stores of the Gardens where women who enjoy the vintage fashion will find pieces that will turn around darling:

Cherry pie

The brand of women’s fashion retro have a store in the Galeria Ouro Fino. Are dresses, skirts, flared, half pants printed, in addition to beautiful accessories such as earrings lined with fabric, hats, hair bands. It also has lingerie and beach fashion. A hit!

Rua Augusta, 2690 – loja 106

Vintage Fashion in the Gardens 2

Trash Chic

The Trash Chic is a vintage store that sells clothes and accessories new and semi new in excellent condition. Are timeless pieces from designer brands like Chanel, Gucci and Prada. In the Trash Chic is possible to find pieces of high fashion with the footprint vintage in addition to beautiful handbags, shoes and accessories to compose the visual.

The Street Paraguay, 21

Luiza Pannunzio

The Studio Luiza Pannunzio is also in the Gallery Fine Gold. There it is possible to find the delicate dresses, beautiful skirts, the pants high waist and the top cropped. Vintage style in a current reading. Prepare to die of cuteness with the pieces for the little girls fashion. Style from mother to daughter!

Vintage Fashion in the Gardens 3

Retro Glass

The Retro Glass only has sunglasses and frame for eyeglasses in the vintage style. For sure you will find the modelito that will leave your look well custom.