Understand Now How To Combine Necklaces With Each Type Of Neckline

Necklaces give a special charm to any production. From the simplest and most elegant to the most daring and extravagant, adding a necklace to a production is synonymous with style. Easily, you can turn a classic little black dress into a differentiated piece and fashion.

The accessories, however, should fit the chosen look and it is important to combine the type of necklace with the neckline of the clothes that you will wear, valuing all the pieces. Today we will show you how to combine necklaces with each type of neckline so you always get the right choice!

Ballerina Neckline

The ballerina neckline, which leaves a little of the neck on display in a rounded cut, asks for a necklace that accompanies its shape. Necklaces that are fairer to the neck or more “wide” may be chosen as long as they do not break into the clothing boundary. As for the style of the necklace, this will depend on the production you want to make. Pedraria and pearls give a greater sophistication to the clothes, while chains form a simpler look, depending on its thickness.

I Hope It Falls

The tummy that falls shows the female neck and shoulders. Certainly, it is a production that, by itself, already calls attention. For this reason, invest in simpler and more discrete necklaces and place them close to the neck. In this way, your production will be much more elegant. A little gem pendant, a delicate pendant , is an excellent choice.

Closed Collar

The closed collar is a trend that has been successful among the most fashionistas. In productions with shirts and closed collars, the ideal is to break the seriousness of the look with maxi necklaces daring. Jeans, which are super high, marry vibrant colors, but if you opt for more sobriety, metal necklaces look super cool.

Open Collar

Not necessarily the necklace has to be the piece in total evidence in the look.In the case of open collars, “v” shaped necklaces can be worn inside the shirt, giving a simple and at the same time sensual look – in the right measure!

Round Neckline

The round neckline is simpler and reveals little skin. It is then possible to dare on the necklaces. The maxi necklaces, necklaces with applications and lots of stones can add a special touch to a dull piece as described in maxi accessory. With great ease, it will be possible to turn a basic shirt into a production for the night!


The “v” neckline lengthens the female silhouette and, for this reason, the necklaces to be worn with this type of clothing should follow this format.Choose more basic necklaces to suit the day-to-day look and, in more formal events, abuse the stoneware!

Canoe Neckline

The canoe neckline, also known as “shoulder to shoulder” though extremely stylish, tends to shorten the silhouette. So if you choose this model of clothing, use and abuse long collars, which will break that sense of shortening.Combinations of various necklaces also look beautiful with canoe necklines!

Knowing how to combine necklaces with each type of neckline can broaden your options of looks, and give a touch of style to the production. The pedrarias are always on the rise and they look good on almost every occasion! Want to know more about it? So take a look at our post about natural and synthetic stones !