Unconventional Homes: a House Tale, Colorist and Vintage in Poland

Many times reality tired us and we need to escape and move to an environment of tale either through our imagination. As reality exceeds many times the fiction, however there are people who is built for himself what we normally mean by story house, the trick is mainly in shapes and colors, but it is not very difficult to achieve.

That you see in the image above is located in Poland, the owners have managed to house us move quickly to any of the tales of our childhood, outside but mostly on the inside. I believe that you could not live in a House as well, it tired me because the atmosphere is very colorful and somewhat reloaded, but to enjoy it from time to time that it seems fun.

We started our tour by one of the main rooms of the House, if not the most important, which is made up of three different environments, the kitchen, dining room and living room. As I said the atmosphere is somewhat recharged, mixing rustic with cheerful colors, it is as if someone poking at a stay everything what he likes without seeking any kind of balance.

If we focus on another view of the kitchen, we find ourselves with the area of sink and storage spaces. It is not that the kitchen is strange we have seen many similar in story cabins and even some reality, but in my so many accessories to view textiles instead of cupboard doors just don’t convince me, and we are not going to deceive.

In any case you should recognize that the House has charming spots and many envidamos things. For example many we would like to have at home an old piano, a rocking horse-shaped, or even an old violin. Let’s say that in the House there are many things that can be saved and pulling others remaining from the general idea it could get really relaxing and enjoyable environments.

But as it is the decor is quite ornate throughout the House, and there are spaces in which is better and others that worse. For example for my taste still living area has a pass, will be that my I prefer pink, in fact I admit that I saw this multicolored lamp on the trail and I was about to buy it, but the bedroom however horrifies me, I can not so much blue, both Golden and as much wood in so little space.

I just do not convince baths, on the one hand not wanting to do without the comfort of the enclosure to the contrast with the rest of the country is somewhat strange and also returns to spend that space is too small for so much mixture. And This bath is more complicated to fix, It is not only a question of details, would have to work to change the tiles, and we want to make the bathroom a really nice space.

But to finish with good taste look at these two lovely details that we can see in the photo above. We are at the entrance of the House with a cantilever whose form is that of a couple of katiuskas and that small aromatic garden wall on the painted and aged wood is also excellent.

We already knew that the House would be curious and that he would have things that would like us and others not, but my I always like to stay with the positive and I am confident that among so many decorative ideas there will be some that is to your liking. I left with the joy of both color, with the living room area and decorative details and floral arrangements of some of the environments.