The Best Options Low-Cost for Our Autumn Shoes: Zara

We continue with our Special autumn and footwear mens 2011 / 2012 to arrange own seasonal outfits. There are many options we have to get some good shoes, boots or ankle boots but the truth is that the economy currently is very buoyant so need something good, that is cheap (or not very expensive) according to how you look it and that we can serve for more than one look and thus take full advantage of.

Hence, since Jezebel man will do a review by leading low cost and offers presented in the field of footwear so, We started with Zara and his season fall-winter 2011

The fashion worker It is one of the major trends for this autumn: washed, spots, ripped and degraded tissues are some of the surnames of this season must. But in what regards the footwear, the forms and aged aspects are certainly easier and clear ways to move this essence to the boots, as in this case: Worker in cow skin loot.

Derived from worker fashion, mountain style is another of which they are pasting strong. The advantages is that smart enough models that are being created in many cases They combine aesthetics with reinforcement and the last of this type of footwear so for the coldest days we are phenomenal.

If you prefer something more discreet, the brushed toe booties they are another option. We can find them in faux leather or Suede, so we will have to choose depending on the care we let’s provide shoes and the time that we devote to cleaning.

If ours is a party event, we don’t have to worry because Zara has also thought about it. These in cowhide boots they play with the textures of patent leather and skin to form a very elegant contrast in black. With cordonadura game and last high, is a good choice to combine with denim and belt game.

The military trend It is without a doubt one of my favorite within the informal fashion. Boots high, washed fabrics, dark colors and vintage style ideal to Jell with pants, shirt and skinny. Different versions revolve around colors and accessories that you want to add them: reinforcement in the toe, buckle closure…

We have a party and spend booties? Let’s take a look at the shoes. Either we tested with a English classic form and die-cut black shoes…

… or we opted for the everlasting patent leather, It is not always well throughout but when it does it may be a real delight for the eyes. The material is not especially good but to do the workaround, get a shoe that view and not leave us lots of money on it, comes to us from Pearl.

We continue with the informal fashion: the moccasins, This time with bow and tone Bordeaux (although we can ask with a tassel or buckle)…

… either boots in that they opted for more earthy tones and some other detail pleasant as it can be side zipper closure or even printed Jacquard…

o closures with frog closures ringtones and many more clear as those who see in this ethnic-style boot.

Finally and in regards to boots and ankle boots, Zara can not offer us a Hunter but continues to believe in us and in rainy days. Why also has ones as Special models to avoid getting ourselves wet foot, Besides being practical and useful, they are an ideal complement in the look of autumn.