Style Vintage and Bohemian in a Kate Hudson Converted Model for Jimmy Choo

Life is curious, increasingly more models such as Elisa Sednaoui or face Delevingne runways to try their luck in the world of the seventh art, and vice versa. For a while now, many actresses seem to have been reinvented posing for campaigns advertising of major firms.

That is just what has happened to the actress Kate Hudson, winner of a Golden Globe for his role of Penny Lane who, nearing was do you also win an Oscar. On that occasion, Kate us dazzled all paraded down the red carpet of the Academy Awards dressed with a spectacular gold Versace, and the of the Golden Globes of that same year with a Valentino who made rivers of ink run. So was the success that has been repeated several times since,.

He dazzled most of all was the famous sandal Jimmy Choo, Tamara melon and his niece Sandra Choi nightmare, that have chosen so that it plays (and never better said!), a spectacular campaign which wears the models that most have liked to of the collection autumn-winter 2015-2016 brand.

A collection inspired by the world of ballet. A discipline that has always attracted much to Kate who was attending ballet classes until the age of 12, and which says helped him forge his character allowing you to also connect with your body and always understand what I needed.

This actress converted into model shoe that you liked in this collection has been the couple of Lilyth’s poppy-red velvet Sandals adorned with feathers that appears reclining on the visual of the bed. In his opinion, the look had a roll very to the Oscar de la Renta, who has enjoyed. In addition, have remembered you her first pair of high heel shoes, which were also a beautiful cherry color, but with a lot less heel!!

Among the juiciest statements made on the occasion of this campaign, Kate has confessed that he has a team of designers that help you decide what to wear for red carpet events, and has commented that he amuses you for it it is like going to his mother’s closet to try on garments and dress-up play. But that is what always gives priority to feel comfortable within an outfit, and to ensure that that look makes sense especially for herself as a person.

To my I have much fun the boots model Dayno with the mini Ruby bag the first visual. Reminded me a little to the mythical scene presentation of Carrie Bradshaw in the series sex in New York, although for better fit that iconic look you should have put the dancers Alina It shines in the second visual.