Sargadelos Us Invites You to Travel Back in Time with Its New Collection Vintage

Today is celebrated in Galicia the Día das Galegas lyrics, a day in which each year tribute is paid to someone prominent literature in Galician for his defense of the language, this year in particular, is dedicated to Xosé María Díaz Castro. But also this week a signature of well known ceramic and great tradition in Galicia, Sargadelos, He has presented a new very romantic and nostalgic collection of coffee, fantastic coincidence sets.

Some of you will probably know Sargadelos, although you may not be Galician, because their collections have crossed the borders of Galicia already several decades. Their dishes, coffee, tea and breakfast games and its decorative pieces they have always been essential gifts in weddings and celebrations of all kinds and many of us have this signing a special affection, because he has accompanied us on the table from our childhood.

Sargadelos always has been characterized by adapt to the times and fashions, is one of the things that I like most of their products. Although it is true that his pieces are somewhat timeless, the colors and shapes have been changing them so that everything you make is always trend.

But the firm has also been true to his personality, balancing the avant-garde with the characteristic of its essence. Now he wanted to pay homage to its origins, in the workshops of O Castro, with the launch of its Vintage collection, which is a reissue of a few models designed 50 years ago.

The new Vintage collection is composed of a total of six designs that we can already see in your online store and all its galleries. They are the models of coffee cups Bimio green and red, which is the second photo of this article, Thistles and cacti, is in the image that headed the post and striped and interlaced, which can see in the photo above.

I know that not everyone will see the collection with the love that I see it because many won’t have at home his original coffee sets from the 1960s… but still I wanted to share with you their designs, because in addition to being manufactured with a fantastic and super fine porcelain, they have a style, inspired by the old, which fits perfectly with what many are looking for for your table in these times.