Rustic-Chic Wedding: Yuki And Thiago

Rustic-chic wedding in a historical city of Minas Gerais. These factors were sufficient for an inspiring party, but the result was even better. See the photos!

After all this time sharing love stories, we learn that there is no right time to find him. In the case of Yuki DAS, 28, he appeared completely unexpected: in the middle of a party, after who knows how many drinks. The tune with Thiago Teixeira, 32, was immediate-but it took a year and a half until the two finally take the dating.

Rustic-Chic Wedding Yuki And Thiago
If, on the one hand, coffee broker didn’t believe in relationships, the Manager lived between trips, without time to arrest someone. Despite the disagreements, the feeling kept on growing and Yuki decided to take control of the situation. Sent to Thiago a white rose, symbolizing peace. The gesture dissolved any caveat on both sides, resulting in the obvious: the beginning of the relationship.
In mid-2015, the couple felt it was time to take a step ahead. In the Groove of the change to the apartment set in Varginha, decided to also officiate the match. And since the time of Thiago found dating another great passionate about travel, they chose Tiradentes as the target of the party.


  • Natural Altar: totally connected to the environment, the ceremony took place on the outside of the Pousada Villa Paolucci. After the treadmill flanked by vintage footprint fixtures and white and green floral arrangements, one had to climb a few stone steps (decorated with ferns and orchids) to get to the old structure of four pillars where the bride and groom exchanged rings
  • A little there, a little here: if you don’t think you could improve the reception the Decorator Harley Vix Coast found the perfect harmony between the in and the outdoor, resulting in an incredible energy environment. Rustic decor with many wooden furniture and chairs of different formats joined the lounges decorated with sofas and vases that brought Portuguese tile prints


In a decision full of symbolism, Yuki went into the ceremony with only a white rose in hand. In addition to the special meaning, idea ornou perfectly with your look stripped. She wore a dress signed by Ana France Haute Couture of .75, rosé and lining sleeves embroidered laces shaped arabesques. With crisp silhouette and application of pedrarias, the model still featured a belt at the waist, tail removable and deep neckline in both lap and in the back. Make-up and hairstyle were of Maria Leopoldina, who added in their flowing hair a gentle voilette.


♥ On Scholarship: to be the height of elegance of the bride, Thiago wore a Hugo Boss suit dark gray, with same-colored vest and white tie
♥ Perfect Allied! The decorative design footprint cozy, white curtains and nude were arranged in strategic locations of the party, dividing it into various environments
♥ Trend alert: they bet on sweet table deconstructed, super high. Wood furniture with glass top stand the naked cake spatulated, but when your around saw of rustic ceramic vases to bags
♥ Air Décor: well above the delights and other specific points, crystal chandeliers shared the spotlight with candles suspended, that have gained featured in a “wall” of leaked wood


“Try to make the marriage lasts more than just one night. Gather people for more days and enjoy every moment ” ♥