Pago De Tharsys Is a New Wine for Gourmets

Pago de Tharsys, famous Valencian Winery, has featured recently Pago de Tharsys first vintage, a wine for a more gourmet experience, we hope that not only by price but also by its flavor.

I say not only by its price because for now that is what seems to impress the media where it is emphasized that each of the bottles will have a recio from 390 euros, remarkable, of course, although it seems to me much more destable the fact that only generated 868 bottles.

We would like to know more, especially of its flavor, since often brands try to give cat by Hare and wrong thinking that the consumer will associate “most expensive best”, however, taking into account the prestige of this Winery, I hope that it is not so.

What we can say for now is that you it’s a wine Red is not enrolled in any denomination of origin, and that is included in the Vinos de Pago, transformed in Requena, and elaborate varieties merlot (95%) and cabernet franc (5%), conc ryazna of 30 months in oak barrels and 3 years in the bottle.

Via | Levante EMV