Noble Tunic True Holiday Spirit Large Size

The Holidays Are Always Closer…

.. and a Keypiece of my holiday outfits the noble tunic will be large size by navabi. Know – and love I learned this noble tunic great size already during my holiday in Sardinia. Here, the elaborately designed tunic with the beautiful Aztec pattern was already an integral part of my evening wear plus size. This noble soft and fluent falling chiffon tunic has been drawn with great attention to detail – it is completely from top to bottom, embroidered with sequins, pearls, and precious stones. It is also feeling woman. The tunic has a quite dead weight, which I felt when wearing not as uncomfortable and certainly not as a burden but large sizes.

A Real Combination Talent – The Tunic Size Large

What me particularly well to this upper part are the absolutely fantastic combinations, like through these very complex processing needs’s only remaining plus size basics and the perfect outfitis finished. In other words, I must not necessarily worry about about my Accessories . In situations where there is a lack of time (this happens to me very often), I’m perfectly styled within a few minutes.

In Sardinia, I have combined the tunic for women like to with a very special pair of trousers as described in smber. True to the designer from the House of Manon Baptiste, a brand which is sold exclusively through navabi , beat the motto “Double holds better” equal to two birds with one stone. The pants is very comfortable to wearing elastic woven fabric, supporting acting. In the area of the abdomen and the POS a usage was sewn inside, which reminds me of the material that is used for the production ofshapewear . Cut the pants is very narrow, sitting but the size according to well and can be used also to many other looks through the narrow leg. So no matter whether you need a Pant for your business look at the Office or just for your every-day chic. the black pants of the Shape collection by Manon Baptiste is a good choice anyway.

Sardinian Sandals Adapted Directly To My Feet

On the images, I wear a handmade Sandals by Amalia, by the way. The small but smart business in the historic centre of Olbia make it now the third year in a row me to conjure up a smile on the lips. Because whenever I put on my Sandals . Site lets you create your dream sandal even friends and this is adapted exactly to your feet then within a few minutes. And at a really reasonable price.