Measures How to Grow Kids with These Huge Rules Vintage

I’ve always liked wood rules, and that now I grew up in the age of plastic and the methacrylate, but whenever I saw one, I wanted to for my case. So if you ever have children, I would love measure as grow my children with these huge vintage rules.

OK, Yes, I’ve caught, they are not vintage, but retro, because they are new to the style of as it did before, but I don’t know why, hit you more that adjective. Perhaps by slightly unkempt appearance that gives you just treated lumber or simply by memories evoking me, but in any case a much more elegant beauty go pointing at the door frame or on the wall height.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom with oak wood, you are giant rules (measuring up to 190 centimeters) are available in three finishes: wash, normal and obscured. Also the system of units you can choose between international (in meters), the imperial (in feet) or one that combines both, which is my favorite, for so it was my small rules.

These vintage rules to see how our children grow they cost about 110 euros to change (95 pounds) and for other 18 euros (15 pounds) can customize them with the family name or the name of our shoots. Pity that I already do not grow more and my Guinea pig does only and not to the top.