La., High Flower Jewellery-Cowboy

The. It is the signature of accessories, jewelry and accessories from high-jewelry of Flower cowboy stylist and creative of the same. In its stores, we can find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, headdresses and crowns very care and exquisite finishes.

In addition, we have other no less glamorous accessories, such as the gloves Napa in three versions (long, short and mittens with loops), Carrés of silk, scarves or kaftans set of Swarovski crystals made of linen, taffeta or gazaar. The latter are custom-made, with techniques of Haute Couture.

All its collections, from conception, design, production and finishing, are intended to look at events and commitments further enhancing our femininity and delicacy.

Flower defines his work:

Our goal is to provide or secure personal appeal, with an aesthetic consistent with the nature and the needs of a public that likes the pleasure of nuance and sensitivity, the quality of materials and construction craft processes contribute.

Influences, materials, designs

In the designs, see influences of the Renaissance, but also of the Art Nouveau Gustav Klimt, as well as clear references to the world of nature.

With regard to the materials, In addition to the aforementioned Swarovski crystals, we find webs, silks, feathers, lace vintage organza, pearls, agates, jades, mother-of-Pearl, coral… All of them are treated in craft processes.

As we can see in the photographs (and also in the gallery), are unique, unique, with its own personality, which can transform any look into “the look”.

In this link, you can see a report of the firm in which Flower cowboy shows us part of his creations and give us Tips on how to use accessories in various events, such as weddings and official commitments.

The success of the. not only has been recognized at the national level but It has crossed borders, with a presence in Geneva, Dubai, Kuwait, London, Miami, Milan, Paris, Qatar and Saint Tropez, among other cities.

In particular, I love what does feathers and the air of exclusivity and originality It distills each of his creations.

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