Homes That They Inspire: Renew with a Vintage Touch

It’s renew an old House is increasingly fashionable. Especially among young people who have problems to get a new home and decided to give a facelift to their parents and grandparents, or move to towns where the price is quite affordable but houses tend to have more years.

It’s renew It is much more difficult than it seems. Never know when stop. If you decide to renew to fund may be spending more than the buy a flat again, and on the other hand can you remove all the personality to the House.

So I decided to show you this House, a work of the architect Koray Duman, a great example of how to make one reform and to create a new style while maintaining features of what was previously.

In this case, in order to comply with the old structure of the House has been to preserve the walls which were in good condition and the soils. From my point of view the best option in all cases, because it is also very economical.

Only eliminated those partitions that were needed to obtain a larger space visually, since in most cases the old houses have more rooms than we usually need.

In terms of furniture they were replaced entirely by style furniture Classic, only decorative, such as parts were the trunk What as a coffee table and some old boilers.

With respect to color, has been chosen to create a luminous environment taking advantage of all entries of light and removing curtains, also for furniture and walls has been chosen by white to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and the reflection of light.

My favorite part? No doubt the bedroom, spacious and completely blank, with two windows without any type of curtain that allow all light.

Also this well the kitchen, the only area that has been remodeled completely, including floors and walls.