Gastrovinos, Original Creations of Chef Carme Ruscalleda

Rodrigo of the streets spoke to us of the Gatrobotanica long ago, and today we enter in the Gastrovinos, exclusive creations of the chef Carme Ruscalleda.

Elena Adell and Ruscalleda are a special gastronomic couple. Professors and teachers of the wine, just presented the new edition of its Gastrovinos. The first pink in the history of the bodegas Alcorta has special Chutney.

In addition, it is the first time that wineries have a pink, a job that has been brewing since 2009 with the only woman who has five-star Michelin.

In the words of Adell,

“Never I understand very well why the pink are so far away from our table. They are the perfect companion for complicated dishes and, in addition, always evoke pleasant things like the summer, sea, vacation and good weather”.

I can’t be more!

How is this pink?

  • It is a vintage of 2010, 100% TEMPRANILLO, coming from the farms of Navarrete and Torremontalbo.
  • Raspberry colour, Mediterranean perfume

Carme Ruscalleda you have created the new Gastrovino as a sauce of cut and style chutney that recreates visually all its aromas and colors. Made from wine vinegar reduction pink Alcorta (15%), brown sugar cane integral (18%), raspberry (16%), water, (16%), onion (12%), Apple (12%), banana (6%), pineapple (6%), Orange and spices natural. do appetizing, true?

It is a fun proposal to accompany battered or Tempura vegetables, grilled seafood and fish to supplement, to mix with natural sauces of roasted meat and very interesting contrast and accompaniment in cheese dishes.

This line of gourmet products they are open to an endless number of possibilities.