Feather Hats on Passeig Amb Barret: Essential!

The friends of The Vintage Mannequin that you follow us for years knows the devotion that Silvia Moyano has for the hats . Recently, we show you in this blog some of the many available in the store , designs with decades of antiquity that does not pass the time.

Feather Hats on Passeig Amb Barret Essential!

For all the fans of this essential complement, in 2005 was born the Passejada amb barret, an event created by the hats designer Nina Pawlowsky and Cristina de Prada in which we have already participated in several occasions. La Passejada amb barret is a meeting of lovers of the hat to be held on Sunday, April 3 at noon , a day and an ideal place to turn the day into a celebration to remember.

The idea is to welcome the spring and enjoy among friends a passion that combines elegance and creativity, because the proposals of some participants go beyond wearing their best hats and include fantastic customizations like those that we have been publishing throughout The week in the Facebook of El Maniquí Vintage.

Among the models of hat that we love, and we know that to you too, we find the feather hats. Elegant, colorful and showy without being eccentric, they are the most grateful in a celebration like Passeig amb barret. Throughout the history of fashion, and especially since the fifties, we have seen them of all colors and designs, some even resembling feather wigs. Also outstanding for their ornaments, the search for a similarity with birds, with curls and irisados ​​very credible, as well as a point of fantasy reflected in the dyes applied to them.

The history of the feather hat runs parallel to ours, since for centuries, especially since Victorian times, the demand for this type of hats was extraordinary . So much that its production has come to extinguish to several species of exotic birds of the Indian and South America.

In any case, we are left with the powerful symbology behind the feathered hat. Tribe leaders, ladies of the court, high society … The feather hats have long been between us and we bet that during the Passeig amb barret we will see some of the most interesting.

So, you know, we are waiting for you this Sunday at the confluence of the Diagonal with Rambla de Catalunya. Bring the cameras and do not forget your hats!