Fashion Tip: How to Bring Oversized Tops on Figure

Or how the trendy “helped tuck” insert

Today I tell you that I’ve been experimenting quite a while on a little fashion trick around. Namely, it comes to the so-called “helped tuck” – in German language best to translate with “plugged half shell”. Well tailored sweaters, tops or blouses at one point only be inserted into the pocket or waistband so they sometimes loosely drape over the Bund, partly share the views of the belt or federal. Due to this small but fine fashion trick to ruck – hypothetically a completely different silhouette. And not infrequently outfits with tops in oversize are suddenly much more interesting this way.

In addition, that you – depending on the character type – with the “half tuck” the trendy oversize tops much can figure-friendly style as described in thembaprograms. Because instead of sack-like XXL size creates a refined drapery around waist and hips. I would like to now briefly explain how this works exactly and how do you find your best plug-in method, you.

The “half tuck”: so oversize tops of to trendy looks are styled.

The method, to drop only a part of the hem of a wide sweater to insert a longer blouse or an XXL-tops in the League and the other part loosely, I met for months in a wide variety of fashion magazines and on street – style-photos. Even in my illustrations here on the blog I showed even more often this fashion trick. And for tips on how you spice up your basics, I had also briefly introduced him. Now I have a YouTube video of the Australian style consultant Imogen Lamport in the last week she discovered, in which the “helped tuck” explains.

To set the “helped tuck” been able to:

For all those who can speak English not so good or friends not so good with the Australian accent of the style consultant, I’ve prepared a brief summary of the videos today. There are my thoughts and experiences, especially with regard to each type of character:

Why oversize tops for some character types are dangerous

Since the tops are again less waisted but further cut, many women have the problem that the tops on them like a bag hanging down. This is often figured not very beneficial and can make you look much more richly than you actually are. So, oversize tops will affect women with different proportions:

  • Especially women with wide hips and strong thighs, like the A figure type , but also smaller women can be quickly killed by the volume of a XXL tops.
  • Women with large breasts I would always discourage.
  • For women who want to accentuate her waist as this is recommended especially for X-character types, oversize tops are at least difficult to wear. You could however with the “half tuck” come on acceptable solutions.
  • Women with pads on waist, hips and belly (for example, O figure types), which the oversize trend like to wear their to disguise stronger body Center , the chance is given slightly, more of their beautiful to show female curves. They also could benefit from the fashion trick.
  • Ends the hemline of the tops of XXL sweaters and tops at the widest part of the hips or thighs, this is a nightmare for the woman with A figure, but also for X characters.
  • Relatively easily, however, can usually Y figures and H characters carry the modern oversized tops. Although is beneficial also for these types of character, to put a further interesting viewpoint in the hips, such as this at the “helped tuck” is the case.

What is better for you: fully insert the upper part or the “half tuck”?

Now there is the possibility to insert such tops just in the Federal of course. If the material of the shell is quite thin and you rather have a narrow waist, this is a good method to keep wide tops in check. But what do all of the other women with more robust waist or a little tummy? How is this in thicker fabrics from sweaters or sweatshirts? And what can you do if you want to appear not as accurate, but a bit trendy, contemporary and casual? Here comes “helped tuck” game.

When the “half tuck” the top is inserted just only front over 10 to 20 centimeters in the Federal, so the rest loosely on the Federal. This creates a blouson-style silhouette of the hem of the top loose in the hips and rear in the upper area of the Po put on. The advantage: Waist and hips are transferred from the fabric while you can show more of their hip-Po contour at the same time much.

Front, even a nice belt with buckle in scene is used without any pads are visible above the belt line. The so-called “Love Handles” (as in: “Love handles”) – the small rolls of fat that like to push out above Federal – more are not an issue. Your middle body region receives much more structure and interesting accents. Because the hem is overall slightly moved up, a few lets you more centimeters of your sexy curves and long legs – even if your waist-hip region is not one of the leanest places of your character.

The side “helped tuck” hides a little tummy.

For women with a small tummy , Lamport has at hand a tip: you advises to insert not just concentric but offset the top so that the top front locker and asymmetrical flows through the curvature of the stomach. This is also the awareness to which I have come even with my own experiments. Because with a small side “helped tuck” I still much more figure friendly, on a kind of trendy casual wear even my oversize sweaters and show it more by butt and legs (two body zones I like me…).

At the end of the video, Lamport still indicate that thin tops of course also in the waistband can be inserted. If you pull the top then again somewhat unevenly out, you will be able to create your very own, loose, asymmetrical hem line. Basically, the Australian style consultant on this occasion notes that plugged tops woman should lift always the arms over the head, which pushes the top again something from the Federal Government out and creates a comfortable, soft line on the Federal. Too tight fitted tops were to correct and therefore doesn’t cool…

The “half tuck” is casual, but not for all formal occasions.

And this brings me to a further Cognition: the “half tuck” a method is first and foremost, to bring more trendy nonchalance in the outfit. For situations and events, where this is stylistically not desired, but rather a proper clothing would be reasonable, helped tuck not the optimal solution. These include, for example, the business presentation, a job interview or some observances. Because the quite figurative beneficial effect could be interpreted by fashion ignorant as herausgerutschtes out or messy plugged top. And what supposedly cool, trendy and supposed to be casual, can be quickly assessed as sloppy or careless. Or have you ever seen a business man with a deliberately half out-hanging shirt? Flat.

However, it is not meant that you not super cool half inserted can wear your oversize top made of finest silk crepe to the tuxedo pants with heels to a trendy evening event. You see the use of half-inserted tops, some sure instinct for the stylistic situation is necessary.

My conclusion: Either you love “helped tuck” or not.

If you belong to the women, who quickly to kill with oversize tops or feel like a ton, or if you want to give your oversized look still something special, which is “half tuck” always an experiment worth. If you are really happy with this modern method of insertion, I can not promise however. This again depends on what style personality and what individual preferences you have. I can only promise you: either you are the “helped tuck” love and discover entirely new styling options for old pieces in your closet or not just. Then, you can always still very normal hanging down to take your oversize tops or just omit this trend. The decision is – as always – up to you.

And to venture the experiment? How do you prefer your oversize tops? Or are all XXL-abstinent? I am looking forward to your experiences with or without the “helped tuck”!