Ducks to Water with Swarovski Sunny Sam!

Sunny Sam is the Duck sunbather that Swarovski It has created new for this summer. It is happy, cheerful and made of Crystal Light Topaz, that yellow light that all relate to ducks and chickens. The peak of Crystal Sun orange color enhances the faceted body figurine set.

What do not block me anything is the red color of the strips of the float in the purest vintage. And already released to create with Crystal, strikes me quite the same opaque material. That Yes, the glasses roqueras in smoky gray they are cute and give the definitive modern touch. Sunny Sam is a duck in style.

There is also the version of Sunny Sam with the goggles correctly: is gorgeous. It could be chosen “Duck Martini” of the year!. Both are medium-sized figurines and if you install them both in a place of honor in your bathroom, it will look more and better.