Delicacy and Beauty in The Furniture of Martina Sperl, Current Designs with an Inspiration “Vintage”

Delicacy and beauty in the Martina Sperl, modern designs with a “vintage”-inspired furniture. Martina is an Austrian artisan which is dedicated to retrieving antiques, old chairs, armchairs and sofas and gives them a second life, restores them, covers them and adapts them to the tastes and trends of the moment.

Its parts They exude comfort, quality and design for all your pores, the resulting product is a delicacy, a hybrid between the sophistication of a vintage piece and the minimalist simplicity of contemporary design.

The hand crafted Martina Sperl gives its name to a renowned upholstery located in Austria, specifically in the city of Graz. The own Martina defines his work and his designs as: “Furniture made with all the passion, charm, and possible love”.

The beauty that hand made designs of Martina Sprel is due to its philosophy of work, unites two basic concepts in their parts, tradition and innovation. Martina Sperl is bold yet delicate, It is pure craftsmanship. Their designs could be on the must have list for this autumn 2013 decorative.

These days is spoken much of it due to the presentation of their new corporate identity created by Moodley Brand Identity, Same Moodley says that it has been an easy job to perform, since they are inspired by authentic designs. This new brand image is the culmination of the dream of Martina, your perfect and flawless upholstery.