Again The Nokia Noventero. and It Does Not Only by Postureo Hipster

Today, if one wants to boast of mobile phone, the logical option is the high end Smartphone. But it is also easy. It is not any challenge.

Because it will not be for models pointers and highlights that look at a dinner. But, and if in desserts, when all take out their brand new Galaxy, Xperia, G, Lumia or iPhone your face on the table? a Nokia 8210 or an Ericsson T28 without forgetting the sensual opening from the top of the keyboard movement?

Featured phones sprouting

In United Kingdom, the retromobils are on the rise, with a market moved from second hand where even exclusive models reach even higher prices than the of current high-end smartphones.

But beyond the eagerness to collector, in United Kingdom does seem there a growing demand for basic terminals from the year 2013, either second hand or new, but within the range of featured phones.

In Spain we have consulted as and user login reference sites, which do not have data relating to this type of Terminal, but There are signs of a significant increase in interest in the featured phones on the market of new purchases.

In Amazon Spain featured phones sales in what far this year has been increased almost 50% (47.8%), with the Nokia 100 head. His display of 1,8 inches with a resolution of 128 x 160 gives us an idea that is far removed from the concept of attractive terminal or smartphone today. Samsung GT-E1190 and Nokia 108 followed in sales with very similar specifications.

Within sales of basic phones older growths have been the Samsung C3520, screen of 2.4 inches and uploaded by % 958. The Emporio Click, with 600% growth in sales on Amazon and the Nokia Asha 206 461% followed already a little further.

Is this increase of interest in more basic phones question only of appearances and be different? Is there anything else? We believe that.

Question of security? At least you’ll be harder to locate

With the theme of the NSA, its vast catalog of technologies to spy on us and the problems of data in the cloud, the user is more than awareness about the safety of your personal data. Even as they are running in The Economist, there is profile of user willing to pay for a technology that will help you to protect the privacy that curiously the technology has taken away.

Part of that loss of privacy of the user has to the how guilty Smartphone – or protagonist. Advanced operating systems vulnerable to the NSA, hundreds of ready to use applications and especially a permanent connection to the Internet that has already warned even the FBI is a perfect gateway for Cybercrime. If even the accelerometer of our smartphone can identify.

The inclusion of all that layer of technology, especially the WiFi and GPS connectivity, It is what makes especially vulnerable to our smartphones in the face of the loss of privacy if we speak of simple and consistent location… and if we compare them with earlier phones or even the current phones featured.

Where the phones of a few years ago Yes that they are more vulnerable to current smartphones is in the security networks that use for communication. GSM or GPRS does not offer us the same guarantees and protection than current 3G or LTE networks.

More battery to fix the evil of smartphones

But the choice of a terminal that is not smartphone currently makes more sense that obey to battery issues. With reduced size, few colors and minimal resolution screens, battery stretch life to figures that not many will remember in the era of smartphones.

Indeed, rather than drastic reduction of consumption systems that include the latest smartphones, it is more effective having a featured phone as a second terminal, reserved for calls and Messaging. Watching the screen in black and white of the S5 Galaxy with ultraahorro mode and that its utility is reduced, is something sensible to think so. In addition, reduce them prices, size and the be able to forget about charge for days is a great temptation for intensive users of the smartphone but with a significant profile of calls.

A basic phone is as close as we can today be a technological Detox

But there is another factor that might incite us to opt for a basic mobile phone: disconnection. No applications, no incoming mail in push mode, without social networks… even without valid camera… is the closest thing to a technological Detox that could today reach without leaving your phone.

In the end we always have the postureo with our terminal vintage

If you have more battery, be less reachable on paper or have the possibility of oblogarnos to disconnect isn’t enough to convince you to mobile 90, surely the postureo you finish convincing. Today talk a lot of materials quality, giant screens and overwhelming decisions in smartphones, but and the design? And personality? No.

Just watch as the 3660 Nokia and you do not refuse to admit that wearing it you feel different and special. Just, ideal for a selfie on Instagram, but to do this you will need a smartphone. I said, better two terminals in your Pocket.