A Tiny and Eclectic ‘Loft’ in Paris, Full of Color and Touch ‘Vintage’

I invite you take a look at this eclectic and tiny loft in Paris, full of color and vintage touches, located at Ivry near Paris, it is decorated by a pair of enthusiasts to decoration, Delphine and Philip.

His intention was to create a cozy atmosphere in a loft in an industrial warehouse, input had a few large windows that provided huge amounts of light and the annexed industrial touch, the rest is for the couple.

For counteract the sordid appearance and old that it grants an industrial space, they decided to add many touches of color, specifically in red and khaki, a varied and eclectic selection of furniture, where we found from classical pieces of industrial design to antiques or objects recovered.

The all the loft floor is microcemento, a material which gives much warmth and comfort and which counteracts the coldness of glass walls and glass ceilings. They just give the welcoming touch with a wide selection of wooden furniture, as a set of vintage school furniture that we see in the dining room.

Salon highlights the selection of classical pieces, whether they are antique, vintage or industrial design, as two Eames rocker arm or foot Jielde red hose, or vintage wooden folding chairs.

A very beautiful detail is because they have his collection of small decorative pieces within cloches, placed on top of a low shelving work surrounding the dining room and the living room, far seems an interesting collection of Toy Arts.

The bath is an absolute Marvel, in shades of pale and mini kaki touch Red, It stands out for its full mirror frameless wall, and the large resting on the soil, the Green bath sink mirror vintage porcelain and the large glass wall that lets in light while maintaining privacy.

The wall acrsitalada share it with the kitchen, a rather minimalist space with magnificent views and lots of light, for my taste too cold, although it helps the beautiful wood countertop.

Finally the bedroom, that is all spaces for my more loose, Although it is very beautiful it seems to literally sleep in a box. However is a very good job of taking advantage of the space, with its beautiful wooden sliding door and drawers underneath the bed for storing.