A Good Idea: Use Old Funnels to Make Chandeliers Vintage

There are more few hours for new year’s Eve dinner and I know that many of you are putting the finishing touches to the table, ready for the new year. Today I propose to recycle metal funnels antique that you have at home to do some vintage candelabra It will give you a different touch to your dinner.

I really like the presentation you see candelabra in the image above: on a tray with a cloth also aires antique, will give a special air to your new year’s Eve dinner. Notice that you don’t need are in good condition the funnels, since many times the old funnels oxidize and crack being useless for use but can always decorate.

You already have thought of what will be your candelabra tonight? Take advantage to recycle some amazing, safe object that looks great to you.